Pending World Record Mule Deer Harvested By Air Rifle

The Airgun Hunting Legion has announced a new pending world record for a Mule Deer harvested by air rifle.

Airgun Hunting Legion member Colin A. of Missouri took his record desert mule deer using an Umarex Hammer at Guitar Ranches in Abilene, Texas. Colin’s deer scores 143 and 5/8s gross. Pending an official measurement that would be the world record desert mule deer in the air rifle category.

Colin, a Jefferson City, MO, man took the pending world record desert mule deer with a .50 Caliber Umarex Hammer air rifle on the morning of December 3rd, 2020, in the canyons of West Texas at a distance of over 100 yards.

“I’m a firm believer that, as hunters, what drives us is the chasing of an indescribable moment of exhilaration and responsibility that becomes frozen in time. It’s why we set forth into the cold, wet, and oftentimes the most miserable situations trying to get closer and push beyond what’s easy,” says Colin.

“On the second morning of our hunt, we knew our only chance was to get closer by working over the top from the large cap rocks and looking down into the canyons that carve through the Guitar Ranch. We knew it would have to be close and potentially fast. After fighting the cold and winds all morning, it wasn’t until the walk back for lunch that the ghost appeared out of nowhere at 113 yards staring right at us,” he continued.

“Although not the distance I was hoping for, it was going to be that moment or never. The crosswind died down for a split second giving me a shot opportunity, and the Hammer did the job. It was in that moment where it all came together and I couldn’t be more proud to have made this hunt a success.”

“It’s not every day we get a new world record or get to see a true first. We are thrilled for our member, Colin A. as the newest pending airgun world record holder for mule deer and the first we know of to take a mule deer with an air rifle,” says Airgun Hunting Legion Director, Jason Reid.

“Colin’s pending world record Mule Deer harvested by air rifle breaks down so many barriers for the air rifle hunting community proving the ethical power of big-bore air rifles once again,” Jason emphasized.

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