Welcome to Hard Air Magazine!

Welcome to Hard Air Magazine – your FREE airgun magazine!

Why Hard Air? Well, we don’t cover airsoft or paintball products. Nor do we cover firearms. HAM specializes in airguns, pure and simple.

The primary focus is on mainstream airguns sold in the US. However HAM welcomes readers from all over the world, whatever country you’re in.

Airgun news and fact-based, unbiased, detailed product reviews are at the heart of Hard Air Magazine. Air rifles and air pistols are the main focus, but scopes, pellets and accessories will be featured too.

You will find new content is added to HAM very frequently – weekly or even more often. So keep checking back for the latest stuff.

Hard Air Magazine believes it’s critical that you, our readers, trust what we publish. We aim to earn that trust through honesty, consistency and accuracy in everything HAM does. This is particularly important in our product reviews.

For this reason, we’re very clear about the high ethical standards used at HAM and we want our readers to understand what these are. That is why we publish the Hard Air Magazine Statement of Ethics on the site.

We hope you will like Hard Air Magazine and return frequently. Please bookmark HAM and tell your friends about it.

Dan Johnson,