Hard Air Magazine
Statement of Ethics


Hard Air Magazine believes it’s critical that readers trust what we publish. That trust is the product of honesty, consistency and accuracy in everything HAM does.

For this reason, we’re very clear about the ethical standards used at HAM and we want our readers to understand what these are. That is why we are publishing this Hard Air Magazine Statement of Ethics.


Every product tested or reviewed by HAM is identified by its serial number (where present). We also indicate the source of the product and what (if any) modifications have been made to it prior to the test.

Products tested by HAM are sourced in a number of ways. They may be:
– purchased anonymously at retail.
– purchased wholesale from a dealer, distributor or manufacturer.
– submitted for review by a manufacturer or distributor.

Products submitted by manufacturers or distributors will be returned after testing and not sold.

Products purchased at retail or wholesale may be sold after testing. They will be advertised for sale on either on the Yellow Forum Classifieds, on the Archer Airguns Specials page, or both.

All products are tested using the same consistent testing methodology, whatever the source of supply.

If HAM finds an obvious, unintentional problem with any product tested or reviewed, we will contact the manufacturer or distributor and discuss the issue with them before publication. Depending on the circumstances, we will either test another sample of the product or publish the manufacturer’s/distributor’s response, as appropriate.

Hard Air Magazine does not test products only from companies that advertise, or otherwise sponsor HAM. We do, however, give priority to those companies that support this magazine – as you would expect.


Hard Air Magazine is free to all readers. Of course we have to cover the costs incurred in publishing HAM for you to read. To do so, HAM accepts paid advertising and also benefits from “Affiliate Advertising”. You’ll see affiliate advertising placements in reviews and other places where we include a link for you to “buy this product here”.

Please visit our advertisers and consider their products. Please also click the affiliate links if you want to purchase a product we feature or test. HAM benefits from a small percentage of the purchase price.

Visiting our advertisers and/or clicking through to buy a product we’ve featured is the best way you can say “thank you” to HAM, enabling this magazine to be free to read.


Hard Air Magazine is owned by Archer Airguns Inc. but is operated independently of the www.archerairguns.com online store.