177 Cal Slugs Can Work Too, Says Tom Holland

As interest rapidly grows in airgun slugs, most of the development to date has concentrated on .22 caliber. But well-known East Coast Field Target shooter Tom Holland has been working to produce 177 cal slugs. He says they can work well!

Few commercial manufacturers have produced .177 caliber lead airgun slugs to date. The weight and power requirement have been seen as limitations.

However, Tom has been concentrating on shooting slugs at sub-20 Ft/Lb muzzle energies. This makes them suitable for Field Target shooting.

Even PCP pistols can shoot slugs well, says Tom. He’s tried them in Crosman Silhouette and 1720T models with good results in many cases. He’s also found good results in a RAW TM1000 set to 12 Ft/Lb power level.

Below. These are some of Tom’s 15 Grain, 3/4 ogive, hollow point, flat base .177 caliber slugs.

177 Cal Slugs Can Work Too, Says Tom Holland

Up to now, Tom has been manufacturing 177 cal slugs for his own use and experimentation. He’s now making them available to a wider audience – you can contact him at his web site fieldtargettech.com if you’re interested.

Tom makes his slugs in .1775 diameter. They can be made in most any weight from 10 Grains upwards, with a variety of head and base profiles.

Both hollow point and solid point heads can be made, together with 1/2 ogive, 3/4 ogive and 2S ogive profiles. With base shapes including flat base, hollow, cup and rebated boat tail, there’s a ton of possibilities to explore…

So far, Tom has standardized on a few designs for his 177 cal slugs. These are:

– 1/2 ogive, 20.5 Grain rebated boat tail hollow point
– 2S ogive, 15 Grain, flat base hollow point
– 2S ogive, 23 grain cup base hollow point

To explain slug ogive profiles, Tom has produced this video. This also shows how he produces his slugs by pressing and swaging, using a Corbin press.

Slugs are a hot topic right now, so if you’re interested in exploring how 177 cal slugs can work for you, contact Tom through his web site.