2017 National Match Air Gun Events – The AiR Challenge

For the second year running, SGT Nick Mowrer, 28, of the U.S. Army Reserve was the top overall competitor in the AiR-15 Challenge during the 2017 National Match Air Gun Events.

Last year, SGT Mowrer competed for the first time in the event, which is held at the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center at Camp Perry, and won the overall title. Wanting to earn back-to-back wins, he admitted there was an added amount of difficulty to this year’s match.

“I felt a little more pressure than last year just because I really wanted to reach that goal,” he said about the 2017 National Match Air Gun Events. “But for the most part, I was pretty calm and relaxed in the beginning, and as things weren’t going the way I wanted them to go, it got a little more frustrating.”

He added, “But all in all, it was good. I just stuck to the fundamentals and kept bringing me back to it and execute good shots.”

Competitors for the National Match Air Gun Events qualify for the Shoot Off in a 20 Shot Match using AiR-15 air rifles that mirror the look of highpower service rifles. The overall winner of the event is determined when the Top 20 competitors of the event take the firing line to compete in an elimination challenge – with the last person standing as the champion.

2017 National Match Air Gun Events - The AiR Challenge

Mowrer went into the Shoot Off in sixth position and stayed confident to fight his way to first. He’s accustomed to competition pressure, having fired in the 2012 London Olympics in the Men’s 50m Pistol. Just a few of his many other accomplishments include winning gold in the 2008 National Junior Olympic Championships in Free and Air Pistol, gold at the 2011 National Championships in Free Pistol and earning silver during the 2015 Pistol Selection in Free Pistol. He was also a member of The Ohio State University air pistol team and is currently on the Army Reserve shooting team.

Along with defending his title, Mowrer also received $650 for his win. Looking to the future, he already has plans of coming back again to ensure his name stays in that first place spot.

2017 National Match Air Gun Events – Air Pistol

In air pistol, Dwaine Hurt, 53, of Red Oak, IA, was the overall winner of the 60 Shot event, with a score of 565-12x. Hurt also fired the high score in the 30 Shot Air Pistol Re-Entry Top Center Shot challenge.

A Top Center Shot was awarded during the 30 Shot Pistol Re-Entry Match to the competitor who fired the closest shot to center. This year’s winner was Susan Jones, 62, of New York, NY. For her win, Jones received a monetary prize of $165.50 from the CMP, based on the number of entries. The next seven closest competitors also received money for their efforts.

High Woman of the 60 Shot Pistol match was Shelly Liu, 47, of Cary, NC, with a score of 533-5x. Kyler Swisher, 18, of Jamestown, PA, earned the High Junior honor with a score of 553-9x, as Gary Peterson, 69, of Levittown, NY, came out of the match as High Senior, with a score of 538-8x.

2017 National Match Air Gun Events – Air Rifle

In air rifle standing matches, Katie Frye, 17, of Greensburg, PA, fired a perfect score of 200 in the NMAR Match Rifle Standing Re-Entry event. SFC Daniel Dorosheff, 44, of the U.S. Army Reserve, topped the AiR-15 20 Shot Standing Match with a score of 194-2x.

Winning the 20 Shot Sporter Rifle Standing Re-Entry was National Match newcomer Jaycie Hoenig, 18, of Winthrop Harbor, IL, with a score of 196.

A series of Bench League rifle matches, fired from a fixed position, were also held during the month. Justin Kleinhans, 17, of Port Clinton, OH, led the 30 Shot AR-15 Bench League Match – only dropping two points with a score of 298-23x. Kleinhans finished one point above John Holliger from White Oak Armament, who recorded a score of 297-19x.

Miki Marciniak, 60, of Macomb, MI, won the 30 Shot Sporter Bench League event by only three x’s – beating out last year’s winner Nora Gallagher with a score of 297-26x. Firing an incredible score of 300-27x in the Bench League 30 Shot Precision Match was Nevada Todt, 22, of Becksville, OH. Todt also only won by three x’s to beat out last year’s second place finisher, Joyce Edwards.

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About the 2017 National Match Air Gun Events

National Match Air Gun events are fired concurrently with the National Match Pistol and Rifle matches. Those attending the outdoor events are welcome to take a walk to the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center, located on the grounds of Camp Perry, and compete in any of the air pistol and air rifle events offered throughout the duration of the Matches. The indoor, air-conditioned air gun range holds 80 electronic target firing points, with large LED screens to keep spectators in on the action.