2018 Midwest Airgun Show Report by Chad Kentner

The 2018 Midwest Airgun Show is in the books and it exceeded our wildest expectations! Things began on Friday with vendor setup and early bird guests.

A local Boy Scout troop helped unload and deliver merchandise to tables earning important community service hours. I always enjoy the wide eyes and grins of the Scouts carrying airguns that they never knew existed.

The 2018 Midwest Airgun Show is a gathering of long time friends from all over the country. We had folks from Arkansas, Arizona, South Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Oklahoma. After several hours of setup, free pizza and drinks were provided to vendors and volunteers and the opportunity to share more airgun stories and collections.

2018 Midwest Airgun Show Report by Chad Kentner

There was high anticipation for Saturday’s show. My poor cell phone was just about worn out with inquiries!

To kick things off and provide a little more excitement for those waiting to enter the 2018 Midwest Airgun Show, Larry Piercy of Airguns of Arizona greeted visitors with a van full of airgun goodies. Guests were able to touch, hold the new Daystates and Brocock rifles on the van. At one point there was a line of people 10-12 deep waiting for a chance to speak with him.

2018 Midwest Airgun Show Report by Chad Kentner

When the doors opened at 9am Saturday it was like the first day of Christmas shopping at Walmart, with shoppers clamoring down the hallways looking for those airgun deals and steals!

Shoppers found a wide variety of airguns from the oldest 19th century Daisy wire stock rifles to Diana, Webley, Feinwerkbau and BSA, spring guns; to the latest pneumatic rifles from Ripley, Daystate, Borcock and FX .There were even a few fine, true antique cane guns and ball reservoir air pistols on display.

2018 Midwest Airgun Show Report by Chad Kentner

The variety of products and airguns was mind blowing even for the most experienced collectors . I’ve never seen two Falcons in the same place and there were five at this show (two left-handed models too!).

The venue is truly spectacular and the Aladdin Shriners have been wonderful hosts.

As you entered the 2018 Midwest Airgun Show there was long hall filled with vendors. This hall led to the gallery; another large room with three rows of tables including Baker Airguns, Lethal Air, UTG Leapers, Wade Sutherland, Mr. Hollowpoint and others.

From the gallery visitors entered the grand ballroom The organizers truly saved the best room for last with 5 isles of merchandise and tables packed into every conceivable place including the stage.

2018 Midwest Airgun Show Report by Chad Kentner

In this room you could find Pyramyd Air with Tyler Patner and Kristen Coss; Daisy collectors Duane Shaferly, Jerry Fisher and Wes Powers; Jason Curry of Ohio Airguns; targets by Airgun-1; Crosman collector and repairman Tom Slocum, and others who crammed a ton of stuff in the room. Buster Gentry had 10 tables filled to the brim!

2018 Midwest Airgun Show Report by Chad Kentner

By the time I had completed multiple laps around each room it was time for something to eat. Matt Carson and his group of Aladdin Shriners came through, providing some great options. Schmidt’s Sausage Truck as seen on Man v. Food on the Food Network was at the show with their famous Bahama Mama, bratwurst, German potato salad, sauerkraut and more…

The 2018 Midwest Airgun Show ended at 3 pm with great prizes and silent auction. Items including an FX Streamline from FX Airguns, a Condor SS and Cometa Indian from AirForce International, a 14 cu.ft. tank from Airhog Pneumatics and a Sidewinder 30 scope provided by Hawke Optics. There was even a Daisy Red Ryder custom engraved for the 2018 Midwest Airgun Show.

The airgun manufacturers and dealers seem to really like what is going on here in Columbus, Ohio.

Some of us just weren’t ready for the fun to stop! The airgun range remained open, staffed by the Central Ohio Airgunners. With the AOA van leading the charge the crowd migrated to the range for another four hours of fun Saturday evening.

The Gunslynger match sponsored by Pyramyd Air was a big hit and attracted a variety of shooters including Pyramyd Air Cup Champion Bill Rabbit.

Bill was able to maintain his title as one of the fastest and most accurate airgun shooters in the United States. He cleared the 16 targets set at 10, 25, 40 and 55 yards in an amazing 58 seconds. This event is really fun to watch!

Saturday night the range was transformed into a sanctioned America Airgun Field Target Association event. Sunday morning, a 60 shot field target event, consisting of 15 lanes and 30 targets included 29 competitors.

2018 Midwest Airgun Show Report by Chad Kentner

Participants included World WFTF Champion Lauren Parsons from South Africa as well as shooters from Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

The 2018 Midwest Airgun Show weekend was pure airgun joy, one that any collector, shooter, tinkerers or plinker shouldn’t miss. Make sure to put next year’s event on your calendar (June 15-16, 2019). I know it will be on mine.

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