2019 WFTF Championships – Team Canada Will Be Reporting For HAM

Field Target’s event of the year – the 2019 WFTF Championships is coming very soon. And Team Canada will be bringing daily reports to Hard Air Magazine!

Last year, Team USA’s Hector Medina provided great personal coverage of the 2018 Championships in Poland. Thanks Hector! This year, HAM readers will be able to read a Canadian perspective…

The 2019 WFTF Championships is being held in England – the original home of Field Target, of course. In fact, it will take place at the Heart of England, a spectacular conference center in the beautiful countryside between the cities of Birmingham and Coventry.

That’s not a million miles from the Daystate/Brocock/MTC Optics headquarters, as it happens…

The event runs from August 7 – 11. There’s an opening ceremony on August 7, together with practice and sighting-in ranges open. The competition itself will be over then following three days. The closing ceremony will be on August 11.

No less than 443 shooters are currently registered for the Championships. They will be shooting across three 50-shot courses. That’s a great array of FT talent!

Interestingly, all the Team Canada competitors are shooting in the spring/piston category. Representing their country will be Tim MacSweyn, Jeff Hemming, Joel Goodwin, George Harde and Zach Harde. Robbie Stewart is another Canadian competitor. He’ll be shooting PCP.

It’s interesting, too, to see the equipment that will be used at the 2019 WFTF Championships.

Although there will be some last-minute changes, it’s clear that Steyr leads the pack as the PCP air rifle of choice. However, Air Arms matches that number when their PCPs and spring/piston numbers are combined.

2019 WFTF Championships - Team Canada Will Be Reporting For HAM

Surprisingly, there’s still close to 20 shooters who have yet to confirm their rifle selection!

Sightron and Nikko Sterling clearly dominate the scope choices. However, March also makes a strong showing.

While for pellets, it’s JSB all the way. (Air Arms pellets are manufactured by JSB, of course).

There’s more information at the official 2019 WFTF website, of course.

Good luck to Team Canada and all the other competitors. It’s going to be an outstanding competition!