2022 FLFT Grand Prix Shoot Results

The 2022 FLFT Grand Prix Shoot was held in beautiful up-state New York summer weather on July 16/17. While $5+ a gallon fuel prices kept attendance down, this was still a quality event with top-rank shooters present!

That’s the happy group of participants in our photograph above, taken outside the clubhouse of the Rochester Brooks Club where the event was held. As with last year’s event, the 2022 FLFT Grand Prix shoot was sponsored by Airguns of Arizona and Hard Air Magazine.


The event also gained significant support from Velocity Outdoor, Leapers, Sightron and Pyramyd Air. Thanks to all those companies!


Overall high scorer was Paul Cray with 112 – highly commendable on this challenging course. Paul was shooting WFTF-rules PCP – with less than 12 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy.  His Thomas air rifle was paired with a March 8-80 x 56 scope and JSB 8.4 Grain domes.

Below we see him receiving his prize from Match Director Eric Brewer.


As usual, the largest group of shooters competed in the Hunter PCP category. Here, the winner was Dennis Himes with 110. Dennis was shooting a Daystate Red Wolf with Sightron SIII scope and Daystate 10.3 Grain pellets. Here he is in action, below.


Chas DiCapua won the Open PCP category with a score of 109. He was using a RAW TM1000, again with a Sightron SIII 10-50 x 50 scope and JSB 13.43 Grain pellets. Here he is being awarded his prize by Eric Brewer (who is also the HAM specialist piston airgun tester).


Winner of the Hunter Piston category was Paul Manktelow, scoring 87 using a Walther LGU/Hawke ED 10-50 x 60 scope/H&N Sniper pellet combination.


One terrific performance was recorded by Virgilio (Lio) Gonzalez. As the only shooter embracing the WFTF Piston discipline, he shot an amazingly consistent 51 + 51 for the two different days and courses with his Walther LGU. Leo was another shooter choosing a Sightron 10-50 x 50 scope and JSB pellets. Here he is in action, below.


Interestingly, there’s almost complete unanimity on pellet choice among the competitors at the 2022 FLFT Grand Prix shoot. No less than 84% of the competitors were using pellets manufactured by JSB.

In scopes, 33% of the competitors were using Sightron and 24% Hawke. So well over half were using these two brands of optics.

There was – as you might expect – more variety among the types of air rifles being used. However 20% of competitors used Marauders, 16% Daystate and 16% Thomas airguns.

Below. The sign guaranteed to inspire caution in even the most hardened FT competitor: a mandatory Standing Lane!


Below. HAM PCP tester Doug Rogers was giving his FX Crown/Hawke combo an outing in the Hunter PCP class.


Here’s the final results. Congratulations to all the shooters!