.22 Caliber Daystate Howler Slugs Are Announced Today!

Daystate Howler Slugs are the latest introduction from the British company. But there’s a twist. They’re actually the result of teaming up with Nielsen Specialty Ammunition here in the USA.

.22 Caliber Daystate Howler Slugs Are Announced Today!

These Daystate Howler Slugs have been carefully formulated by the company’s Accuracy Research Team (ART) to deliver maximum accuracy and performance. That includes considerable input and influence from the company’s US distributor, Airguns of Arizona.

The Accuracy Research Team is guided by strict approval and testing protocols. Its role is to improve, wherever possible, the accuracy and performance of Daystate’s products and to do it with passion! You can read more about the team and their aims in this HAM story.

The first in the lineup is the 20.3 Grain Daystate Howler .22 Hollow Point slugs. These weight 20.3 grains and AoA has seen sub-1 MOA groups at 100 Yards in testing with this new ammo!

Daystate has plans to release other configurations of the Howler slugs, including .177, .25 and .30 caliber options.

While formulated to suit the ART barrels found in Daystate rifles, these US-made slugs have also demonstrated excellent performance from many makes and models of airguns, Airguns of Arizona tells HAM.

These new .22 caliber slugs are available now from AoA. They are sold in tins of 375.

There’s no official news yet on the Ballistic Coefficient of these new slugs. However, HAM is expecting to see numbers in the region of 0.07 to 0.08.

As a bonus, each can comes with a $2 off discount coin that can be combined towards a future purchase of a new Daystate, Brocock or MTC product! The more you shoot the better the deal!

HAM Contributor Chad Kentner has produced a video with more details of these new slugs. You can check it out here…

Daystate Howler Slugs .22 Caliber