25 Cal H&N Slugs Now Available

H&N already has an extensive range of slugs available in .22 caliber. Now the German manufacturer has introduced 25 cal H&N slugs.

As with the smaller caliber, H&N is providing a wide range of options for its .25 caliber slugs. There’s alternative weights and head diameters. And they’re becoming available in the US right now!

H&N 25 caliber HP Slugs are becoming available in five different weights. The lightest weighs 28 Grain, then the range increases in two Grain increments. The heaviest is 36 Grains.

25 Cal H&N Slugs Now Available

This range of projectile weights is combined with a choice of head sizes. 25 cal H&N slugs are available in .2495 and .2505 head diameters.

This provides the largest range of .25 caliber slugs currently available – at least to the HAM Team’s knowledge.

H&N also lists a range of Ballistic Coefficients for its new slugs. These range from 0.096 to 0.105 for the 36 Grain versions. Of course, the high BCs help to retain energy downrange and buck the effects of crosswinds.

WeightBallistic Coefficient
28 Grains0.096
30 Grains0.098
32 Grains0.100
34 Grains0.101
36 Grains0.105

Needless to say, a powerful air rifle is required to shoot these heavy slugs successfully. H&N suggests an absolute minimum Muzzle Energy capability of 29.5 Ft/Lbs. However they say that best results will be achieved with a Muzzle Energy of between 44 and 66 Ft/Lbs.

To help you make the choice of best slug for your air rifle, H&N also has a sampler packs available, one in each head size. There’s 24 slugs in each weight in the sampler pack.

25 Cal H&N Slugs Now Available

The manufacturer also stresses that 25 cal H&N slugs are all lubricated during manufacture. They’re also all visually inspected and hand packed in tins of 120 slugs each (or sampler packs), the company tells HAM.

With such a large range of .25 caliber slugs, it may take a while for all of the combinations of weight and head size to be come available. However, Pyramyd Air and Airgun depot already have many of them in stock.

H&N Slug HP, .25 Cal., 36 Grains, Hollowpoint, 120ct 0.25
H&N .25 Cal Slug Sampler .249 Cal