599-57X That’s Incredible Shooting!

Fifteen year-old Makenzie Larson of Wellington, CO set three new national records with her first day score of 599-57X at the CMP’s Three-Position Air Rifle Championships.

Just think about that for a moment! That’s a nearly perfect score of 599 out of 600, with no less than 57 “X’s. That’s just incredible. And remember that the shooting positions are prone, kneeling and standing! Yes, the range is short – just 10 Meters – but the size of the bull is really tiny!

However you look at it, 599-57X is fantastic shooting – waaaay better than I could ever dream of. Congratulations to Makenzie! (That’s her in the photographs above and below).

599-57X That's Incredible Shooting!

Here’s more detail of the event…

The Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) Three-Position Regional Air Rifle Championship was held in April at CMP’s own air gun competition centers in Ohio and Alabama as well as through the use of CMP’s mobile electronic range in Utah.

The annual, national-level competition series is designed for junior air rifle marksmen involved in 4-H, Scouts, American Legion, club or JROTC sporter and precision air rifle programs. Athletes begin with a postal match, followed by regional and national events. During the match, athletes fire from three positions: prone, standing and kneeling. Qualification scores are recorded each day, with the eight highest scoring marksmen from each discipline participating in a final on the firing line.

Special congratulations goes to precision athlete Makenzie Larson, 15, of Wellington, CO, who set three new national records with her Day 1 score of 599-57X. Larson reached the American Legion, Open/Overall and Under 17 Individual 3×20 records with her incredible performance.

Overall individuals of the event throughout all locations included:


  1. Samantha Zermeno, 18, Nation Ford High School, SC – 1117-42X
  2. Kalinn White, 17, Zion Benton High School, IL – 1108-30X
  3. Judson Terry, 17, Wilcox County 4-H, GA – 1103-34X


  1. Makenzie Larson, 15, American Legion Post 109/TWS, CO– 1194-110X
  2. Katrina Demerle, 18, Individual, Hamilton, OH – 1192-104X
  3. Griffin Lake, 17, Ontelaunee Jr. Rifle, PA – 1192-95X

Top overall teams:


  1. Nation Ford High School, South Carolina (photo above) – 4399-146X
  2. Zion Benton High School, Illinois – 4324-126X
  3. Pierre Post 8, South Dakota – 4287-129X


  1. American Legion Post 295, Ohio – 4677-301X
  2. Palmyra Junior Rifle Team, Pennsylvania – 4649-288X
  3. Ontelaunee Jr. Rifle, Pennsylvania – 4628-279X

The top three teams and top eight individuals were recognized with awards at each location. Third place individuals received $300 from the CMP, while second and first earned $400 and $500, respectively. Teams placing at each location were also recognized and presented with monetary awards: $800 for third, $1,200 for second and $1,500 for third.

The final event of the three-position competition series for qualifying teams and individuals will be the CMP National Championship, held at Camp Perry, Ohio, June 22-24 for sporter and July 10-12 for precision. The match will also include the National Junior Olympic Championship. Good luck to all!

You can find a complete list of results of the CMP Three-Position Regional Air Rifle Championship, including listings by location, at https://ct.thecmp.org/20233PARRegionalResults. Photos of each location are available for free download through CMP’s online photo album at https://cmp1.zenfolio.com/f804793446.