A Close Look At The Seneca Dragonfly Mk II Multi-Pump Air Rifle

A Seneca Dragonfly Mk II multi-pump air rifle recently arrived at the HAM offices. So now we can take a close look at it.

As described in a previous HAM story, the Mark Two version of the Dragonfly provides a more consistent pumping effort than the first model. In particular, the effort required to complete pumps as the high end of the range – the maximum is as many as 15 pumps, don’t forget – is claimed to be greatly reduced.

At 40 In. overall length and 6.5 Lbs weight, the Dragonfly Mk II is fairly small and light for an air rifle. With a Leapers UTG 3-12×32 Mini SWAT Bugbuster scope mounted, it weighs-in at 7 Lbs 3 Oz.

Our photograph below shows how it compares to the recently-introduced Crosman 362 multi-pump air rifle. (It’s about 3 Inches longer and 1 Lb 4 Oz heaver than a 362 with steel breech and the same scope).

Seneca Dragonfly Mk II Multi-Pump Air Rifle

The Dragonfly Mk II is supplied with a fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight.

However, if you want to mount a scope, it’s necessary to remove the rear sight. To do this, first remove the elevation (top) screw. Then carefully drift the sight forward with a brass punch until it slides out of the dovetail mount atop the barrel band.

As with the Crosman 362, a Leapers Bugbuster is the ideal scope for the Dragonfly Mk II. With the rear sight removed, it fits perfectly onto the breech when using dovetail rings.

Seneca Dragonfly Mk II Multi-Pump Air Rifle

A brief initial trial confirms that the gun can be pumped with the Bugbuster scope in place without too much difficulty. (Even with the long sunshade in place).

While the Firefly can be single-loaded using the included single shot tray, it also can use the 7-shot magazine that’s supplied with the gun. Again, with the Bugbuster scope, it was easily possible to position the scope so that there was sufficient clearance between optic and magazine.

The single shot tray can be seen in the photograph below.Like the magazine, it’s retained in place using a pair of magnets, one of which is located in the magazine well of the breech.

Below this, we see a two-stage trigger with manual, push-across safety.

Seneca Dragonfly Mk II Multi-Pump Air Rifle

More and more air rifles are now available with provision for attaching an airgun silencer. The Dragonfly has a 1/2-Inch UNF thread at the muzzle. The supplied cover can be unscrewed and a moderator attached instead, if required.

Seneca Dragonfly Mk II Multi-Pump Air Rifle

In addition, the Seneca Dragonfly Mk II Multi-Pump Air Rifle is supplied with a bag of O rings and a check valve. This could potentially be a very good idea as here the new owner has a seal kit for future re-builds, if required.

Note that the check valve is a white synthetic part and does not show to well in the photograph below. You can just make it cout in front of the single shot tray.

HAM plans to run a full test review on the Dragonfly in the near future. It should be interesting!

Seneca Dragonfly Mk2 Multi-Pump Air Rifle 0.177

UTG BugBuster 3-12X32 Scope, 1/3 MOA AO, Mil-dot Reticle, Med. Dovetail Rings