A Close Look At The Walther Reign PCP Air Rifle

The Walther Reign PCP air rifle was first announced at the 2019 IWA Show in Germany. It has become available in the USA this year.

As with most products which are first shown at trade fairs, there are some differences between the prototype guns seen at IWA or the SHOT Show and the final, shipping product. The Reign that’s available now is actually very similar to the gun we first saw at IWA.

The only significant external difference is a change to the silencing system. The barrel shroud and small silencer have been replaced with a larger diameter silencer that’s similar to those used on other Walther air rifles.

The other features of this innovative, German-manufactured, bullpup design continue, however…

The “clamshell” style design is constructed of tough, black synthetic material. There’s a mid-mounted sidelever action. Together with the rotary magazine, the sidelever cocking assembly can be swapped from one side of the gun to the other. That gives the Walther Reign PCP air rifle ambidextrous capability.

Walther Reign PCP Air Rifle

Magazines have 10-shot capacity in .22 caliber. They hold 9 shots in .25 caliber. Currently, there’s no .177 caliber version of the Reign. This is not surprising as the demand for .177 caliber bullpup PCPs is very low in the USA at the present time.

Just invert and load the magazine from the opposite side to go from left- to right-handed operation…

Walther Reign PCP air rifle

There’s a high Picatinny rail for mounting a riflescope. This is made of steel for durability. There’s also a short Picatinny rail under the forend. That’s in use to attach a Leapers bipod in these photographs.

Maximum fill pressure for the Walther Reign PCP Air Rifle is 3,300 PSI. The fill probe is inserted into the side of the gun, right next to the pressure gauge.

The manufacturer’s specifications call for up to 60 shots per fill at a maximum of 975 FPS in .22 caliber. The gun we have here is specified at up to 40 shots per fill and a peak Muzzle Velocity of 870 FPS.  We plan to check this out with a full HAM test review in the near future.

Walther Reign UXT PCP Bullpup Air Rifle 0.25
Walther Reign UXT Air Rifle