A Detailed Look At The New SIG Canebrake Airgun

The latest pellet gun from SIG SAUER is the new SIG Canebrake airgun. This is a development of the familiar SIG Air MCX/MPX CO2-powered platform with size, weight and features that approximate to those of SIG’s Rattler Canebrake centerfire model.

A Detailed Look At The New SIG Canebrake Airgun

The SIG Canebrake airgun uses SIG’s patented 30-round belt feed system. Pellets are loaded into the belt and seated with the multi-purpose tool. It’s then easy to slide the loaded belt into the magazine, slap it into the magazine well, rip back on the charging handle, knock off the safety and fire!

The main external difference to the centerfire Canebrake is the stock. Compared to the firearm’s folding, skeleton stock, the airgun version uses the stock to hold the 88/90 Gram CO2 power supply. So this has to be different. In fact, it’s very similar to that used on existing MCX/MPX models.

The SIG Canebrake airgun is bundled with foldable iron sights. In these, the supplied multi-tool is used to alter the height of the front sight to make changes in elevation.

The rear sight has a choice of two apertures. Windage is changed using the mutli-tool. Just like the centerfire versions!

Of course, the long Picatinny top rail is intended for mounting optical sights. Se we mounted a Leapers UTG 3-9x32AO Bugbuster scope for our (forthcoming) comprehensive HAM test review.

SIG Canebrake airgun

The SIG Canebrake airgun has a forearm with M-Lok slots in the sides and base. This makes it easy to attach other accessories. As you can see, we fitted a Leapers UTG Recon Flex bipod. This fitted easily, looked good and provided a stable shooting platform for the Canebrake.

SIG Canebrake airgun

There’s also a mounting socket for a QD sling swivel on either side of the forend.

The new SIG Canebrake airgun certainly has a pleasantly chunky feel to it! In fact the weight felt much heavier than we expected.

So we compared the weights of other SIG airgun models, all equipped with iron sights and an empty 88/90 Gram CO2 cartridge (or HPA bottle for the Virtus). The results are interesting, as this table indicates.

MPX25.75 Inches6 Lb 14 Oz
Canebrake30.13 Inches8 Lb 3 Oz
MCX34.75 Inches8 Lbs 0 Oz
Virtus37.25 Inches8 Lb 1 Oz

Below. The Canebrake (with bipod) compared to the MPX. The Canebrake looks like it has a silencer, but – as with the MCX models – it’s for appearance only.

SIG Sauer MCX Rattler Canebrake CO2 Pellet Rifle 0.177
SIG SAUER MCX Rattler Canebrake