A FT Dream – The Daystate Red Wolf Field Target LPR

The Daystate Red Wolf Field Target LPR is a new model for Field Target enthusiasts.

It’s a collaboration between Daystate and World Class FT shooter Lauren Parsons to create the ultimate Field Target air rifle. In case you’re wondering, LPR stands for Lauren Parsons Rifle. That’s Lauren in our photographs!

Daystate Red Wolf Field Target LPR

The Daystate Red Wolf Field Target LPR is based on the proven Red Wolf electronic system. It’s pre-programmed with three highly-specific tuned settings and combines the best ART barrel from Lothar Walther with a fixed 300 cc air cylinder.

This makes the Red Wolf LPR geared exclusively for competition target shooting at the highest level.

Just take a look at that custom hand-made stock! It’s a masterpiece by British stockmaker, Warren Edwards.

The combination of scalloped cheek piece and full adjustability creates the ideal head position for almost any shooter. The grip has been specially designed to accommodate a thumb around, thumb up, or side hand positions. It also uses an adjustable palm rest to cup the shooter’s hand perfectly.

The gray laminate stock is sculpted to create the trigger guard and there’s a cutout for the LCD screen area. The Red Wolf LPR has been fitted with a T-rail, located along the bottom of the stock, to accommodate all necessary accessories for a custom Field Target configuration.

The stock is completed by a Warren Edwards fully adjustable butt hook and adjustable hamster.

In order to find out more about the air rifle that bears her initials, HAM talked to Lauren Parsons herself…

HAM: Lauren, please tell us about how the design came about?

Lauren Parsons: I was looking for a new “traditional” looking Field Target rifle. At that point I had been shooting my Steyr LG 110. Whilst it is a fantastic gun and I have had great successes with it, I was wanting a change.

No gun on the market offered that to me straight out of the box. Of course, there always have been custom stocks available for guns and I just wanted something like the Daystate Grand Prix.

In fact, I wanted a Grand Prix, and I couldn’t find one anywhere! So Daystate and I got together and designed the gun with every little detail.

HAM: What you were looking for in a FT rifle and what was your input into the design?

Lauren Parsons: Like I said, I was looking for something more traditional, but nice. Accurate and WOW!

I helped design the stock and gave input as to what features I wanted it to have. I wanted the palm rest and the scalloped cheek piece. An accessory rail and a good butt hook is a must on an FT gun.

The idea was to include everything with the gun so you don’t need any other extra bits.

HAM: What are your personal feelings about the gun, how it handles and the performance?

Lauren Parsons: I absolutely love this gun! It handles so nicely and the electronics are superb. The match trigger is crisp and and the stock fits me like a glove.

I’ve had pretty good results with this gun thus far!

My first competition I took it out on was the Arizona State Championships 2019. I won the WFTF class with it. From there, I cleared my first course EVER with this gun in December. I performed really well at the Sonoran Dessert Grand Prix.

At the Oregon State Championships I again won my class and also shot the overall match high score. I repeated that same performance at the Arizona State Championship with another overall high score.

It’s safe to say, this gun can shoot!

HAM: What pellets do you prefer to use in it?

Lauren Parsons: I use 10.34 Grain JSB Exact Heavy pellets in my Red Wolf LPR. That’s what I have found shoot the best out of this barrel.

HAM: Can you tell us about the development Daystate put into the model?

Lauren Parsons: The basis of the Daystate Red Wolf Field Target LPR is a .177 Red Wolf in standard power configuration. However, it’s fitted with a 300cc tube instead of the 480cc bottle. There’s also some very special custom programming of the electronics.

I get over 300 shots per fill on this gun so I never need a tank for a weekend shoot.

Oh, and obviously there’s that very beautiful custom stock!

HAM: What’s special about the three pre-set tunes?

Lauren Parsons: I have my Red Wolf LPR custom-tuned with three power settings that I need the most. I have them set at 11.4 Ft/Lbs, 11.8 Ft/Lbs and 12.4 Ft/Lbs respectively.

When I travel to a FT shoot and find that my gun has lost some power due to elevation, I go to my high power setting. If environmental factors mean I am over the 12 Ft/Lbs limit at a match, I select the lower power tune.

It’s very simple to do. Because the power setting is displayed on the side of the gun, anyone can see what power setting I am using.

HAM: I assume the stock is right-handed only. Correct?

Lauren Parsons: Since it’s a special order item, you can request a left-handed version.

HAM: Is there anything else you’d like to say about your air rifle?

Lauren Parsons: This is the most comfortable gun that I have ever shot and competed with. I absolutely love the way it feels and shoots. Oh, by the way, that’s my favorite Kahles scope on top of it. Watch this space because I will be keeping this one for a while!

Each Red Wolf LPR includes a single shot tray, magazine and fitted hard case. It’s ready to go straight out of the box, says Lauren…

The Daystate Red Wolf Field Target LPR is in stock at Airguns of Arizona. It can also be special-ordered through your local Daystate dealer in other countries.