Advanced Notice – JSB .177 Cal Slugs Coming Soon

Hard Air Magazine has recently received some samples of the forthcoming JSB .177 cal slugs. These will not be in-store in the US for a couple of months, but you can be looking out for them before too long!

These forthcoming JSB Knock Out .177 caliber slugs are to be available in two types.

The lighter of the two .177 cal slugs weighs 10.03 Grains and has a 4.51 mm body diameter. JSB is specifying a Ballistic Coefficient of 0.047 for these.

The second version weighs 13.43 Grains. The body diameter is 4.52 mm and the claimed BC is 0.066.

There’s a considerable difference in the length of the two slugs, as you can see from the comparison photograph below.


Advanced Notice - JSB .177 Cal Slugs Coming Soon

Looking at the .177 slugs together with a .22 caliber Knock Out slug shows the difference between the designs very clearly.

Advanced Notice - JSB .177 Cal Slugs Coming Soon

The JSB .177 cal slugs here in the HAM office are some early production samples. The labels are correct but the slugs are packed in old-model push-top tins. A foam disk in the lid prevents movement during shipping.

There’s 400 slugs per tin in the 13.43 Grain/4.52 mm size. The 10.03 Grain/4.51 slugs are packed 500 to a tin.

As you would expect from the Czech manufacturer, these sample Knock Out slugs look to be well manufactured. There’s a distinct hollow point and the base is well recessed in both models.

These .177 slugs join the .22 and .25 caliber Knock Out slugs that are already available and in full production.

HAM plans to have a comprehensive test review of .177 Knock Out slugs in due course. We hear that the 13.43 Grain variety shoot very well in a Marauder – that alone is going to make them another winner for JSB!