Air Venturi Avenge-X Videos

The Air Venturi Avenge-X PCP air rifle is now hitting dealers’ shelves. To support the extensive customization capabilities of this new airgun, there’s a new range of Avenge-X videos, too!

Hard Air Magazine readers first learned of the Air Venturi Avenge-X in our 2023 SHOT Show report. Then there was more information from the IWA OutdoorClassics show in Germany in March.

Now the product is in stock at Pyramyd, Airgun Depot and other airgun dealers. An example is already being shipped to HAM. So we’ll be able to bring you our first-hand impressions of it very soon.

Given the multiplicity of Avenge-X configurations, it’s a certainty that many customers will want to buy their new airgun in – say – .22 caliber with a 210 cc HPA tube, then convert it to (for example) a .25 cal gun with a 400 cc bottle. Or even to bullpup configuration.

For this reason, Air Venturi is introducing a large range of upgrade kits, as well as the guns themselves.

Each video is short, yet comprehensive. They are definitely required viewing if you have even a slight interest in this new air rifle platform. So let’s take a look at them….

First, let’s start with swapping the sidelever action from right to left. This applies to all models.

Then we have caliber change instructions for all models except the bullpup.

Changing caliber on the bullpup is covered in this dedicated video.

Then there’s a series of videos, each covering tube-to-bottle conversions for different stock configurations.

This new range of Avenge-X videos is designed to give customers all the information they need to make these changes, and more. Cory from Air Venturi explains everything clearly, professionally and simply. Well done!

My only comment is that I would be adding a little lubricant – as appropriate – in some of the assembly stages. Particularly I would want to add a smear of silicone grease to the O rings when re-installing the barrel and HPA tube or bottle, together with a small drop of air tool oil (or similar) to the bottle threads.

But Cory has obviously done this before and I haven’t (yet)!

Air Venturi Avenge-X Tactical 0.22