Air Venturi to Offer Exclusive Diana Stormrider PCP Air Rifle

New PCP air rifles are being announced frequently this year, with ever-increasing capabilities and ever-decreasing prices. The Diana Stormrider is the latest example of this rapid trend in airgunning.

Today, Air Venturi has announced the Diana Stormrider, the newest precharged pneumatic rifle from German-based manufacturer Diana.  Available exclusively through Air Venturi in the USA, the Diana Stormrider marks the German manufacturer’s first entry into budget-friendly PCP airguns.

With a retail price of $199.99, Air Venturi claims that the Diana Stormrider will make PCP airgunning more accessible than ever before.  It certainly represents a new low price point for a multi-shot PCP air rifle from a major brand.

Diana Stormrider PCP Air Rifle
Diana Stormrider PCP Air Rifle

Air Venturi to Offer Exclusive Diana Stormrider PCP Air Rifle

The Stormrider is a bolt action repeater that uses a magnetic rotary magazine, with seven shots in .22 caliber and nine in .177.  With a 2,900 PSI fill pressure, the Stormrider is specified to provide Muzzle Velocities of up to 1,050 fps in .177 caliber with lead pellets.

Maximum claimed Muzzle Velocity for the .22 caliber Stormrider is 900 FPS, also with lead pellets.

The Diana Stormrider can be shot using the built-in open sights. Alternatively, a scope can be mounted to the 11mm dovetail rail. Most scopes will require the rear sight to be removed from the gun for the scope to fit. Fortunately this is an easy task.

Each rifle includes a 9-shot magazine (for .177 caliber), or a 7-shot magazine in .22 caliber. There’s also a fill-probe, and a single shot tray in the box.

Air Venturi to Offer Exclusive Diana Stormrider PCP Air Rifle

“Hands down, PCP air rifles are one of the most fun ways to shoot airguns,” says Paul Milkovich, Director of Business Development for Air Venturi, “but a lot of shooters haven’t gotten onboard because of the cost.”

“With the retail price under $200, the Diana Stormrider will make jumping into the precharged pneumatic airgun world more palatable.” Milkovich continued. “Backed by the Diana name, this air rifle includes features that are normally found on higher-end rifles.”

As the Diana Stormrider is being imported into the US by Air Venturi, this means that this new gun will be available from Pyramyd Air, Airgun Depot and other major airgun dealers.

The Stormrider is scheduled to be available in the US from 1 September 2017. Air Venturi hopes that the Diana Stormrider is poised to create a new generation of PCP airgunners. HAM would say that’s not an unreasonable hope…