AirForce Airguns Now Offers Big Bore Airgun Ammunition.

AirForce Airguns has announced that it will be offering big bore airgun ammunition for its Texan and TexanSS air rifles. The ammunition will be available for all AirForce dealers. The ammunition is manufactured by Hunters’ Supply to the specifications set by AirForce.

The introduction of the Texan big bore air rifle 2 years ago created an overnight demand for reliable big bore airgun ammunition, says Air Force.

“While we found that some of the big bore airgun ammunition performed amazingly well, we felt that we needed standard production ammunition to recommend to our customers,” commented AirForce CEO and Founder John McCaslin. “We found that the projectiles from Hunters’ Supply performed consistently and reliably.”

The big bore airgun ammunition is cast lead and is available in all three Texan calibers – .457, .357 and .308.  Within those calibers, there is a variety of projectile weights and designs to meet a variety of needs. As an example, in .457, there are multiple options ranging from a 143 grain round ball to a 405 grain flat point swaged projectile (see photograph below). The other calibers offer a similar assortment.

AirForce Airguns Now Offers Big Bore Airgun Ammunition.

“When we were designing the Texan, ammo availability was a major concern.” remarked McCaslin. That is one of the reasons we are working with Hunters’ Supply to bring this great ammo to market.”

“We will have the big bore airgun ammunition in stock for our dealers to offer either for shelf stock or a specific customer,” added McCaslin. “Our dealer pricing assures that they can offer our products – now including ammo – at the best prices to their customers without sacrificing profit. This is our promise to our dealers.”