Airgun Company For Sale

Do you want to get in to the airgun business as a manufacturer? Or maybe expand existing product lines if you are already in the industry? Well this could be your chance as there’s an airgun company for sale.

Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles is a division of Texas Machine Parts that has decided to move away from the airgun industry. This means that – effectively – they have an airgun company for sale. And it could be yours…

In fact, Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles has been the manufacturer of two primary airgun product lines. One is the “Extreme Big Bore Air Rifles” range of PCPs. The second is the Extreme Booster Pump.

Airgun Company For Sale

So they are selling-up all of the following business elements:

– Brand names and logos.

– All CAD drawings and programs required to manufacture all parts for Extreme Big Bore Airguns and the Booster Pump.

– The rights to the Booster Pump. (You can read more about this is this HAM review).

– Any remaining parts that have already been manufactured including barrels, stocks, fill tubes, etc.

– Technical support and assistance to help the new owner get up to speed.

– The website at

– Also included are all fixtures for running the parts. No machines will be sold. But basically here’s all the core elements of an airgun company for sale – Texas Machine Parts is effectively selling everything!

The Extreme Big Bore product range includes a range of single-shot, big bore PCP air rifles in calibers from .308 to .72 cal.

Power levels start at 367 Ft/Lbs Muzzle Energy with the .308 version shooting 150 Grain slugs. The .72 caliber Extreme Big Bore Air Rifle can achieve up to 995 Ft/Lbs with 660 Grain ammo.

Airgun Company For Sale

There’s also an Extreme Tactical Chassis to fit these guns and an Extreme Air Shotgun in 12 Gauge and 28 Gauge.

The Extreme Booster Pump is magic: well almost! It’s a device that allows you to fill your PCP air rifle to a higher – make that much higher – pressure than you have in your HPA tank.

It is, in fact, a “column pressure amplifier” or “air amplifier” that takes (relatively) low pressure HPA from an HPA tank and converts some of it into HPA at a much higher pressure to fill an air rifle’s bottle. There’s no electricity required.

You can read more in this HAM story.

For more details about this airgun company for sale, contact John Wiley by phone at 940-366-6315. The asking price is $250,000.00. (Possible terms.)

Disclaimer. Hard Air Magazine and its owning company, Archer Airguns Inc. have no financial, or any other, involvement in Texas Machine Parts or this sale.