Airgun Depot Adds New Definitive Guide To The Umarex MP40

The latest in the Definitive Guide series from Airgun Depot covers the Umarex MP40. (That’s HAM Publisher Stephen Archer having fun with his in the photograph above).

Airgun Depot Adds New Definitive Guide To The Umarex MP40

Now the correct manufacturer’s product name for this full auto BB gun is the Umarex Legends MP. However, it’s almost certainly called the Umarex MP40 by the majority of customers.

Hard Air Magazine produced a comprehensive test review of this gun last year. We were blown away by the realism of the gun. It has great feel, and realism. Accuracy is very good – in BB gun terms – and, of course, the full auto capability led to plenty of smiles per minute!

We gave the Umarex MP40 a HAM Gold Award with the highest score ever awarded for a pistol test review.

Pistol test review? Well, that “MP” designation in the name indicates it’s original German military designation of Maschinen Pistole – machine pistol – so we followed that lead.

Airgun Depot agrees with the HAM test results that Hornady Black Diamond BBs are the most accurate to use in this MP40 BB gun. They also advise that lead BBs and Dust Devils are less likely to shoot, or shoot well.

Airgun Depot Adds New Definitive Guide To The Umarex MP40

Airgun Depot’s Definitive Guide to the Umarex MP40 also gives some useful guidance on what to expect with a CO2-powered airgun, not just this one. Issues like lowered FPS in low ambient temperatures or as a result of rapid firing are understood by many, but there’s still some folk for whom this information is valuable as they are hearing it for the first time.

And, of course, the video that’s included in this Definitive Guide is a hoot, too, as the Airgun Depot team let rip with three MP40s at some seriously-threatening cereal boxes!

Have fun…

Umarex Legends MP40
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