Airgun Depot Announces Its 2017 Best Selling Air Pistols

Today we see the 2017 best selling air pistols from Airgun Depot.

Of course, all of these air pistols are CO2-powered.

Regarding ammo, the best-sellers are split evenly. Five shoot BBs, the remainder .177 caliber lead pellets.

Umarex USA specializes in CO2-powered air pistols and they lead the manufacturers pack with a total of four models (the Beretta M92A1, Legends MP40, Umarex Steel Storm and Uzi). SIG SAUER has three guns in the list, Gamo, Crosman and Tanfoglio one each.

Although all of these air pistols are capable of rapid fire, four out of the top five models in the Airgun Depot 2017 best selling air pistols are also capable of fully automatic operation (The M92A1, Legends MP40, Steel Storm and UZI). When combined with the results of the top selling air rifles list, it shown clearly how much airgunners love rapid fire!

Here’s the 2017 best selling air pistols, from the number one on down:

1. Beretta M92A1

2. Umarex Legends MP40

3. Umarex Steel Storm


5. UZI

6. Crosman Vigilante

7. SIG SAUER P226, Black

8. Gamo PT-85 Tactical

9. SIG SAUER P226, Flat Dark Earth

10. Tanfoglio Witness

Beretta M92A1 BB Pistol