Airgun Depot Now Selling Zbroia PCP Air Rifles

Airgun Depot has announced that they are now stocking Zbroia PCP air rifles.

Zbroia is an Ukranian company that is based in Kharkov. They have been manufacturing PCP air rifles for five years and have a range of models in .177 and .22 calibers.

There are four models in the range being carried by Airgun Depot. These are the Hortizia, Kozak Tactical and Kozak FC which is available with a choice of two barrel lengths.

There are similarities between all these models. They all feature regulated actions with a fill pressure of up to 4351 PSI. The .177 caliber guns have 12 shot magazines. Ten pellets are held in the .22 cal mags.

All models have Picatinny rails for scope mounting and wood stocks. Zbroia manufactures its own 12-groove barrels and these are all enclosed in the expected shrouds to reduce the report to backyard-friendly levels.

Manual safeties are fitted and two-stage adjustable triggers are a feature of each model. A two-year warranty is standard. The claimed Muzzle Energy is up to 32 Ft/Lbs in .22 caliber for all of the models.

The Zbroia Hortizia is a bolt action air rifle of normal-configuration. It has bolt action cocking.

Zbroia PCP Air Rifles

The Kozak Tactical has a semi-bullpup configuration combined with a side lever action.

The Kozak FC is a regular bullpup design. Again with sidelever action. There’s a choice of two barrel lengths. The shorter is 450 mm (17.71 Inches). The longer is 550 mm – that’s 21.65 Inches.

Zbroia PCP Air Rifles

Interestingly, this makes the 550 mm Kozak FC model the one with the longest barrel in the Zbroia range. Both the Kozak Tactical and Hortizia use the shorter 450 mm barrel.

With prices between $749.99 and $889.99, these Zbroia PCPs are “middle of the pack” priced and seem to offer good value for money.

For more details, check out Airgun Depot’s Under Pressure video below. You’ll see that Travis has shaved off his beard. I don’t think that’s a change specifically associated with these guns, but you never know 🙂


ZBROIA Hortizia PCP Air Rifle
ZBROIA Kozak Tactical Air Rifle

ZBROIA Kozak FC, 550 Mm Barrel