Airgun Golf. How Far Away Can You Hit a Golf Ball With An Airgun?

Airgun Depot has launched the new sport of Airgun Golf. How far away can you hit a golf ball with an airgun? Actually an exploding golf ball, that is!

Getting this new sport off with a bang, Jon from Airgun Depot hits an exploding golf ball at 150 yards using an FX Impact air rifle. Yes it takes him 15 shots to do so, but the others were really close  – even one shot that grazed the ball – and the range really was ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YARDS!

And Airgun Depot is challenging you to get in on the act and start playing Airgun Golf.

For his 150-yard hit, Jon used an FX Impact in .25 caliber, with 33.95 Grain JSB King Heavy pellets, a Hawke Frontier 5 x 30 scope and No Limits FX Rings.

Airgun Golf. It could be the start of a whole new sport!