Airgun Hunting Legion, The First Airgun Hunting Record Book Community

Airgun Hunting Legion is new! It’s the first – and only – formally organized airgun hunting record book community. With great timing, it’s formally launched for the 2020 hunting season.

Up until now, online hunting record books have not included big bore airguns and arrow-firing airguns as valid options to record game harvesting. Airgun Hunting Legion corrects that omission with a complete new interactive community.

Hunters can now celebrate their successful airgun hunting achievements across various species and categories. Airgun Hunting Legion also helps hunters find the resources they need through the resources at

“Airgun hunting is one of the fastest-growing communities in the hunting industry,” says Legion Director, Jason Reid. “As passionate airgun hunting enthusiasts, our community has been waiting a long time for a recognized record book club. Rather than continuing to wait on other clubs to expand we decided to create our own community.”

“AGL is committed to three pillars; 1. Celebrate Community Achievements, 2. Educate and Empower Hunters, and 3. Be Inclusive,” added Reid.

Airgun Hunting Legion has developed a trophy submission process that is designed to be both easy as well as official. “The scoring process can be a barrier to entry, which is why we wanted to enable a hunter to submit their trophy from places like hunting camp,” Jason explains.

Scoring standards follow the typical methodology of calculating the total (gross) inches of horns, antlers, skull size, or body size. There are no score deductions or minimums to get on a leaderboard and celebrate the harvest.

AGL is supported by an annual $25 membership fee. Members will receive exclusive discounts for gear from sponsoring partners, access to submit airgun trophies, member only events, member giveaways, promotions, and access to a directory of outfitters who cater to airgun hunting needs.

This initiative is being supported by a number of major airgun industry players. Legion Director Reid thanks FX Airguns for being the first major, pre-launch, supporter. He tells HAM that we’ll see other famous airgun names coming on-board very soon.

Visit to learn more about hunting with air guns and state-by-state regulations. You can follow the leaderboards for different species, and upload your successful hunts to be recognized.