Airgun Manufacturers At The 2024 SHOT Show

The 2024 SHOT Show is almost upon us – it runs from January 23 – 26. HAM Publisher Stephen Archer will be reporting from the show – as always. There will also be a dedicated thread in the HAM Community for other members to post additional content.

Airgun Manufacturers At The 2024 SHOT Show

Above. Here’s a few of the 50,000+ attendees at the 2023 show.

So let’s take a look at the airgun manufacturers who will be present. In alphabetical order, they are:

– ASG (ActionSportsGames)
– Air Venturi
– AirForce Airguns
– ATA Arms
– Barra Airguns
– Beeman
– Black Bunker
– Diana
– Crosman/Benjamin
– Evanix
– Hatsan
– Huglu
– JTS/Xisico
– Kral
– Rapid Air Worx
– Reximex
– SKOUT Airguns
– Snowpeak
– Umarex

Below. Umarex is always well represented with a stylish booth, lots of staff and new products.

Airgun Manufacturers At The 2024 SHOT Show

That’s a pretty good range of many of the major airgun players. In addition, there’s also these airgun ammo manufacturers exhibiting at the 2024 SHOT Show:

– Rifle Ammunition

Below. There’s always lots to see at Air Venturi:

Then there’s optics and scope manufacturers too:

– Element Optics
– Leapers
– Meopta
– Optisan
– Sightron

Phew! That’s a ton of companies to see. There’s no way any one person can cover all of this in a meaningful manner. Plus, these companies are not all located in one place, they’re spread-out throughout the 2024 SHOT Show.

To put that into perspective, there’s more than 13.9 MILES of aisles at the show. That’s a greater distance than a half marathon!

The 2,500 exhibitors at the show take around 18 ACRES of space. That means – according to the organisers – that they could fit no less than 547 F-16 fighter jets on the show floor.

Below. A lot of effort is made to help international attendees. Attendees come from 115 different countries.

The SHOT Show itself is the third largest held in Las Vegas each year and is the eighth largest annual show held anywhere in the USA. With a total of 811,414 participants in 2023, the SHOT Show claims to bring-in over $88 Million to the Las Vegas economy annually.

So keep watching HAM and the HAM Community for all the airgun-related news and information we can gather from the 2024 SHOT Show!