Airgun Modding And Theory Category Added to HAM Community

The latest introduction into the new, vibrant Hard Air Magazine online Community is a category for Airgun Modding and Theory.

Few of us airgunners like to leave our airguns alone! We can’t resist changing something to personalize our guns, improving – we hope! – their looks, performance or handling.

It seems that everyone has some change that they have developed. This ranges from the best way to clean a barrel, through tuning, right up to complete rebuilds. The HAM Airgun Modding and Theory category is the new place to share and discuss these changes and improvements.

Of course, there’s many very competent machinists and mechanics who shoot airguns. Indeed I have always been impressed at the large number of airgun companies that have resulted – and still result – from genuine enthusiasm growing and spilling-over into a business.

Below. Tom Costan of American Air Arms is an enthusiastic airgunner himself.

Airgun Modding And Theory Category Added to HAM Community

You only have to read about one of the major airgun shooting competitions – Extreme Benchrest or the Pyramyd Air Cup for example – to see how many folk in the airgun industry started-out as enthusiasts. Not only that, but most retain their enthusiasm and are strong competitors who still are eager to get out and shoot their airguns!

For example, Archer Airguns started as a result of my own tinkering with QB78-type air rifles. That tinkering and modding led to me designing my own simple upgrades, then starting a website, eventually moving-on to create Hard Air Magazine and now the Community.

Below. Robert Buchanan founded Airguns of Arizona because he loved airguns. he still does!

The other side of tinkering and modding is airgun theory. If you’re going to make changes to your airgun – however minor – few people will do so without thinking about what they are doing and the result they aim to achieve.

That leads to thinking, research and more thinking. Before long, we are deep into airgun theory – how our airguns work and WHY they do what they do. So this category is the place to discuss airgun theory as well.

Below. Fredrik Axelsson was an enthusiastic airgunner who started FX Airguns because of his passion for airgun modding and theory. You can read how he started-out in this HAM story.

The recent explosion of interest in slugs has led many of us to learn more about ballistics, for example. That’s all part of airgun modding and theory and the reason why I’ve pulled-across two existing threads from Bob Sterne to start-off this category.

Enjoy! I look forward to reading your contributions in future 🙂