Airguns of Arizona Introduces Huma Regulators in The USA

Airguns of Arizona has announced that it is importing a wide range of Huma regulators into the USA.

These regulators are manufactured from quality materials such as aircraft grade aluminum, aluminum-bronze, chrome-moly steel and precision belleville springs. Huma claims that their regulators are ultra compact an capable of performing with less than 1% fluctuation in Muzzle Velocity. Assuming consistent pellet weights, naturally!

Of course having regulator in a PCP air rifle will give a more consistent FPS than can be obtained from unregulated guns. This translates into improved accuracy through minimizing elevation changes in the point of impact.

It’s pretty obvious to the HAM Team that regulated PCPs are the way forward for air rifles using High Pressure Air. It’s a clear market direction and the availability of aftermarket regulators such as these are a great way to upgrade an existing unregulated gun.

Huma regulators are supplied with instructions for DIY installation. These include pressure adjustment instructions so that the regulator can be set to the owner’s requirements. Huma claims that their regulators do not require specialized tools or testing equipment for successful installation.

However, Airguns of Arizona understands that not everyone wants to undertake such work themselves. For this reason, AoA has added an airgun tuning and modification specialist to its staff. Now AoA can install a regulator in a customer’s existing gun or add it to a new purchase if desired.

Questions? Just give AoA a phone call…

Airguns of Arizona currently has Huma regulators available for the following airguns:

Air Arms S200
Air Arms S4/5XX
Benjamin Discovery
Benjamin Marauder (models with and without gauge)
Benjamin Marauder Pistol
Benjamin Maximus
Brocock Compatto
Daystate Huntsman
Daystate Regal
Daystate Wolverine
Hatsan AT44
Hatsan BT65

There’s also this external regulator in the Huma range that can be used in tank tethering and fill system applications.

Airguns of Arizona Introduces Huma Regulators in The USA

You can see more – including fitting instructions – at the AOA Huma web page: