Airguns Of Arizona Releases “How To” LCS Air Arms SK-19 Videos

There’s a ton of interest in the selective fire LCS Air Arms air rifles. In response to that, Airguns of Arizona has released a couple of useful “how to” SK-19 videos to support customers and potential purchasers.

Both these SK-19 videos are brief and to-the-point. That’s good!

The first is a general video user guide…

It contains many simple, but useful, tips based on the expertise that AoA personnel are developing on the LCS Air Arms platform. Like the expertise gained through firing over 10,000 rounds fired successfully through the AoA “shop gun”!

LCS Air Arms SK-19 Videos

For example: use the power adjuster to set the SK-19 to the power level and/or shot count you want. Don’t be tempted to alter the regulator pressure!

Although reg pressure is adjustable, Don advises that altering it will only cost you shot count and not gain any significant benefits.

Another recommendation is to keep an eye on the air pressure. Don explains why it’s inadvisable to shoot the SK-19 at below the regulator set pressure ( typically 150 Bar) and the reasons behind this recommendation.

For reference, here’s AoA’s expectations for shot count and Muzzle Velocity with the SK-19. We’ve added Muzzle Energy too, for completeness.

CaliberBottle SizePelletExpected Muzzle VelocityExpected Muzzle EnergyShots Per 250 Bar Fill
.22480 ccJSB Monster 25.39 Grains950 FPS50.89 Ft/Lbs80
.22580 ccJSB Monster 25.39 Grains950 FPS50.89 Ft/Lbs100
.25480 ccJSB King Heavy 33.9 Grains900 FPS60.99 Ft/Lbs65
.25580 ccJSB King Heavy 33.9 Grains900 FPS60.99 Ft/Lbs80

The second of these SK-19 videos covers barrel removal and adjustment.

Why would you want to remove the SK-19’s barrel? Well, cleaning is one. A second is the potential future availability of slug barrels.

Just unscrew the shroud, loosen two 4 mm screws and the Lothar Walther barrel is easily unscrewed from the breech.

LCS Air Arms SK-19 Videos

Don also coverss how to reinstall the barrel and adjust the spacing between it and the magazine. This is essential for correct mag functionality, as he explains.

Another tip is to periodically check the tightness of those two 4 mm screws below the barrel. If they loosen, accuracy can be impacted.

This is great, practical information for SK-19 air rifles.

LCS Air Arms SK-19 Air Rifle