Alkin W31 Mariner Compressors – For When You Need Huge Amounts Of HPA!

Alkin W31 Mariner Compressors provide vast amounts of High Pressure Air in a very short time! For clubs and high-end big bore PCP users, this could be a dream come true…

Oh, and they also produce breathable air. So if you’re into both scuba diving and shooting PCPs, Alkin W31 Mariner Compressors can support both of your hobbies!

There’s a choice of three models: electrically powered with manual control, electric with automatic control and gas powered. All are three-stage compressors that are able to produce High Pressure Air at up to 5,000 PSI.

The manufacturer’s specifications are that a W31 compressor can fill a 74 Cubic Foot capacity tank from 0 to 3,000 PSI in just 16 minutes. Want a 4,500 PSI fill? That takes slightly longer – but not much! In fact it’s a total of 23 minutes.

As you can imagine, these compressors are serious pieces of equipment with a serious price tag attached. Each compressor weighs-in at around 175 Lbs each and is equipped with intercoolers, an aftercooler, water condensate and oil separators. There’s also a safety valve for each stage.

This is a significant level of features to enable the compressors to operate for extended periods.

If you have access to 220V power supply, the electric models draw 18 Amps, single phase current to power a 4 horsepower motor. For those needing independence from electrical circuits, the gas model has a 5.5 horsepower motor.

Pyramyd Air now has Alkin W31 Mariner Compressors in stock. They also have the necessary consumable items to provide long-term reliability. These include filters and dedicated synthetic compressor oil.

Alkin W31 Mariner HPA Compressor – Automatic