All SIG Branded Airgun Products To Be “In-House” Going Forward

Until now, SIG SAUER airgun products have been available in two ways. Some SIG branded airgun products – specifically some air pistols – have been produced under license by other companies. (This is, of course, common practice in the airgun industry, particularly for replica CO2-powered air pistols).

Increasingly, however, SIG airguns have been produced “in house” by the company themselves. For example, the new ASP20, MCX, MPX air rifles and many air pistols such as the M17, We The People, Max Michel 1911 etc are “in-house” SIG SAUER Products. You can see the full list here.

Now SIG SAUER Inc. has announced that – effective immediately – SIG SAUER will no longer be working with licensees in the development, distribution or sales of SIG branded airgun products in the commercial market. This also applies to airsoft products.

As a result, the SIG AIR Division will take global control over the engineering, development, manufacturing, distribution and sales of all SIG-branded airgun products.

“As part of our strategic growth plans, SIG SAUER is no longer licensing its brand or marks for use in the commercial marketplace for airsoft and airgun products,” said Joseph Huston, Vice President and General Manager of the SIG AIR Division.

“We are rapidly expanding the SIG AIR business, and it is important to us to assume full control to ensure all SIG AIR products are of the highest quality. We have many exciting, industry-leading products in the pipeline and look forward to introducing those in the days ahead.”