Altaros Slugs – A Completely Different Approach!

Altaros slugs are the latest product introduction from this innovative company.

You may recognize Altaros as the developer and manufacturer of regulators and other accessories for PCP airguns. In fact, the Czech company has been in business since 2008 and has an interesting product range, including a semi-automatic air rifle, compressors and more.

Altaros Slugs - A Completely Different Approach!

Now Altaros has turned its attention to airgun ammunition. The company has introduced a range of slugs and is taking a completely different approach to almost every aspect of the product…

In fact, Altaros slugs are actually turned lead bullets. Yes, these slugs are individually turned using precision CNC machinery that the company has developed itself and patented. Take a close look at the photographs in this story and you can see tiny signs of this manufacturing process.

The CNC manufacturing process also allows each slug to have a grooved profile. The intention here is to achieve reduced friction in the barrel. This is combined with a boat tail profile and the choice of almost pure lead for the base material to achieve outstanding performance, Altaros tells HAM.

Altaros says that their turned lead slugs have very precise dimensions with minimal variation from slug-to-slug. They also tell HAM that the turning process produces excellent axial symmetry. Of course, all of this is intended to provide precision, long range accuracy with high powered PCP air rifles.

Altaros Slugs - A Completely Different Approach!

The company is claiming a market-leading Ballistic Coefficient of 0.15 for its slugs, calculated using the G1 model at a Muzzle Velocity of 915 FPS.

Currently .22 caliber Altaros Turned projectiles are available in a number of sizes. These include 5.48 mm, 5.49 mm, 5.50 mm. There’s also a 5.52 mm diameter designed specifically for use in FX air rifles.

There’s a sampler pack containing the three smaller diameters and Altaros recommends this as a way to discover the size that works best with your individual air rifle.

Altaros Slugs - A Completely Different Approach!

Not content with using a different technology to manufacture the slugs, Altaros has also taken a completely different approach to packaging. The intention is to ensure that the shooter receives his or her slugs in perfect condition, irrespective of the best (?) that the carrier can do to the parcel.

First, each slug is individually seated between resilient foam sheets. Then these sheets are put into a plastic outer and everything is vacuum-sealed for transportation. That’s a real change from conventional tins, boxes or sleeves!

Altoros slugs are available through a number of distributors in countries around the world. There’s no US distributor at the present time, however US customers can order directly from the manufacturer.