Alvaro Lopez Wins 2019 RMAC Pro Class And $10K!!!

The shooting is over and the prizes have been presented. The big news is that Alvaro Lopez won the 2019 RMAC Pro Class. Congratulations Alvaro!

As winner of the 2019 Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge 100 Yard Professional Class, Alvaro also wins the $10,000 top prize! As you can see from our photograph above, Alvaro Lopez was pretty confident after he had finished shooting. But he was overwhelmed with emotion when the time came to collect his prize…

Alvaro Lopez Wins 2019 RMAC Pro Class And $10K!!!

Second place winner was Todd Blanchard. Below we see him in action during the RMAC100.

In third place was Matt Dubber, here seen scanning down the firing point.

Here are the results for the RMAC 10 Professional Challenge.

– First Place: Alvaro Lopez, 224 x 3.

– Second Place: Todd Blanchard, 219 x 4.

– Third Place: Matt Dubber, 216 x 5.

In the RMAC 100 Sportsmans Challenge, the winners were:

– First Place: David Stevenson, 214 x 1.

– Second Place: Jayson Barnes, 212 x 1.

– Third Place: Alex Hatfield, 2202 x 1. Congratulations to Alex who was competing as a junior!

That’s Utah Airguns owner Justin Jacobsen on the left. You’ll see him in many of these photographs…

In the Precision Marksman Challenge, Professional Category, the results were:

– First: Matt Dubber.

– Second: Justin Welch.

– Third: Thayne Simmons.

For the Precision Marksman Challenge Sportsman’s Category, the winners were…

– First: John Tafoya.

– Second: Ray Michaelson.

– Third: Jayson Barnes.

Next we have the winners of the Speed Challenge Professional Category.

– First: Matt Dubber.

– Second: John Bagakis.

– Third: Gerhard Slabbert.

The Speed Challenge Sportsman’s winners were:

– First: Jayson Barnes.

– Second: Damien Bang.

– Third: Noah Wallace.

In the Slug Challenge, Magnum Power Competition, the winners were…

– First: Damian Bang AND Doug Noble with 42.

– Second: Peykan Barami, 41.

– Third: Cody Schenk, 39.

The Slug Challenge Standard Power winners were:

– First: Justin Welch.

– Second: Jayson Barnes.

– Third: Matt Dubber.

And give a hand to the 25 Yard Precision winners!

– First: Tim Gillingham, 732 x 28.

– Second: Esteban Figueroa, 732 x 23.

– Third: Jeff Crister, 727 x 18.

Again, congratulations to Alvaro Lopez! His son dearly wanted to participate in the 2019 Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge, too. But unfortunately he had to stay home because of school exams.

I’m sure he would have been so proud to see his Dad win 🙂