Announcing the New FX Streamline Air Rifle.

The FX Streamline is a new model from the famous Swedish manufacturer that will be available in the US very soon.

To be available in .177 cal, .22 cal and .25 caliber, the FX Streamline features a precision regulator to meter air flow. The manufacturer tells us that this provides the highest levels of match winning shots per air charge with high power.

Announcing the New FX Streamline Air Rifle

There’s also a multi-step power adjuster gives the shooter the option of dialing up or down the desired level of velocity.

Full power for the FX Streamline is up to 18 Ft/Lbs in .177 caliber, up to 34 Ft/Lbs in .22 cal and up to 44 Ft/Lbs in .25 caliber. That’s plenty of power for airgun hunting in the larger caliber.

FX says that the Streamline has been designed and built to include features and technologies found in their more expensive models, but at a price more attractive price point.

The FX Streamline has an all new, one-piece breech block design. This is mated to the air cylinder in a manner that saves weight and prevents leaks at this critical area.

Announcing the New FX Streamline Air Rifle

The Streamline is cocked via a super short side lever system that is said to be an improvement over previous models. The new low profile magazine allows for a lower scope mounting position is included with each rifle.

Overall length of the FX Streamline is 38.75-inches and it’s a light PCP air rifle. The weight varies between 5.8 and 6.5 Lbs, depending on the stock. Synthetic is lightest: laminate heaviest. Scopes add additional weight, of course.

Announcing the New FX Streamline Air Rifle

Naturally this new model includes the Extreme Benchrest-winning Smooth Twist barrel. There’s also an Italian designed synthetic stock.

Noise is kept to a minimum with FX’s proprietary shroud system technology. This apparently can be expanded to further reduce Decibel levels. Ideal for silent sniper style hunting and back yard shooting!

Every Streamline is fitted with FX new trigger system. This is claimed to provide the finest in shot control and target grade performance.

Announcing the New FX Streamline Air Rifle

The FX Streamline was first revealed at the IWA Show in Germany earlier in the year. You can see it featured in this HAM Report from the show.

US FX distributor Precision Airgun Distribution lists the retail price starting at $999.00 with scope and rings at an additional cost.

You can see more at the Airguns of Arizona website.

And take a look at this video as Jared from Airguns of Arizona takes us through the main features of the new FX Streamline.