AoA Launches The Air Chrony Mk3 Chronograph

Airguns of Arizona has just launched the Air-Chrony Mk3 Chronograph as a compact, new choice for precision determination of muzzle velocity.

Designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic, the Air Chrony MK3 is a ballistic chronograph for measuring the speed and kinetic energy of airgun pellets. It has been tested specifically with air rifles but it can be utilized also for measuring of other small-caliber weapons; including airsoft, paintball, bow, crossbow, etc..

AoA has the chronograph available as a kit complete with everything required to make a compact and portable chronograph set, including:
– Air Chrony MK3 Ballistic Chronograph
– Durable case (black)
– US Power supply
– USB cable
– Free download of the Air Chrony software

The easily configured Air-Chrony allows you to setup the pellet weight used for instantaneous calculation of Muzzle Energy. There’s no need to connect to any external devices or apps to be up and running.

The included protective case flips open and allows you to go from storage to reading velocities in seconds. The chrony can be mounted on a tripod via a standard ¼-Inch UNF thread.

Data is stored for easy reference of averages, extreme spread, highs and lows. The chrony can be connected to a laptop computer by USB for more detailed reporting and sharing. This allows the results to be displayed and manipulated on the laptop screen, if required.

According to testing undertaken by the German TÜV SÜD organization, the Air-Chrony MK3 provides excellent measurement accuracy. The manufacturers also claim mechanical durability, and high resistance to interference, together with the ability to operate under bad lighting conditions.

The chrony measures velocities up to 6,562 fps. It also calculates Muzzle Energy in FPE or Joules. Other data include average velocity, high and low velocities, number of shots, and velocity deviation (consistency).

It’s easy to choose between metric or imperial measurement units. The language can be set directly in menu as well. Check out this video user manual to see how to operate the chrony.

Air Chrony Mk3 Ballistic Chronograph SET (BLACK)