Apolo Pellets Are Coming To The USA

Apolo pellets first gained a mention in Hard Air Magazine back in our IWA Show report from 2018. That was the first time that the family business from Argentina had exhibited in the primary European trade show for the outdoor sports.

Now Hatsan USA has announced that they will be the exclusive distributor for Apolo pellets in the USA.

Apolo has been manufacturing airgun pellets since 2001. Currently the company says that they are manufacturing 60,000 pellets a month and that they are available in 42 countries around the world. Make that 43, including the U.S.A!

The family has recently made significant investments in machinery and infrastructure. These important upgrades have vastly improved manufacturing quality, capacity, and processes to accommodate the large U.S. market, explains the company.

In addition, Apolo has also earned ISO 9001/2015 certification for its quality management systems. In addition, it is an IRAM Environmental accredited facility – a particularly important accreditation given that airgun pellets are (primarily) manufactured from lead.

The Apolo range of pellets is extensive. It includes conventional lead pellets in wadcutter, domed and pointed configurations. Copper-coated versions of some designs are also available.

Heavy weight, special purpose hunting pellets also feature in the range.

Pellet calibers range from .177 cal through .22, .25, .30: right up to .35 caliber.

In addition, Apolo is also manufacturing slugs in .22 and .25 calibers.

You can see the complete range by looking at the Apolo catalog.