Aselkon PCP Air Rifles – A New Player In The Airgun Market

Have you heard of Aselkon PCP air rifles? Probably not – at least not yet. But you may do in future if the company succeeds in its plans for the airgun industry…

Below we see the Aselkon MX6 air rifle. The shorty bullpup in our heading phograph above is the MX7-S in wood stock version.

Aselkon PCP Air Rifles - A New Player In The Airgun Market

Turkey is a country with a large number of shotgun manufacturers and a long tradition of firearms manufacturing. Many of these shotgun manufacturers have been moving into PCP air rifle production in recent years. HAM has reported this in successive reports from annual IWA OutdoorClassics shows.

A recent entrant into the airgun market is a company called Aselkon. Based in Konya – that’s in southern central Turkey – Askelon has been involved in the firearms sector for 19 years. And now there’s Aselkon PCP air rifles!

Below is the Askelon MX5. It’s similar to the MX6 but has a built-in HPA tube.


Aselkon is arriving in the market with a surprisingly wide range of PCPs. There’s full-length rifles, bullpup and semi-bullpup configurations available. Calibers are .177, .22 and .25 cal. There’s also a variety of stock configurations, including black synthetic, camo and – of course – Turkish walnut.

Aselkon PCP air rifles are sidelever-cocking, magazine-fed guns with shrouded barrels. Claimed power levels are up to 46 Ft/Lbs in .25 caliber, with up to 110 shots per fill in .177 cal. – depending on the model.

Below, the MX9 Camo Max 5 model has a synthetic thumbhole stock.

Fill pressure is 2,900 PSI for Aselkon models with a HPA pressure tube. “Bottle guns” are specified with a maximum fill pressure of 3,625 PSI.

Aselkon tells HAM that they manufacture most parts for their airguns in their own Konya factory. This includes barrels, regulators, triggers, receivers and stocks.

Below is the MX8 Evoc. As you can see, there’s a big range!

Aselkon PCP Air Rifles - A New Player In The Airgun Market

There’s more ionformation about Aselkon PCP air rifles on the manufacturer’s web site at

The company is actively looking for distribution partners in many countries, including the USA and UK, so you may well see more of Aselkon airguns in future.