Ataman AP16 Pistol Now Available With Carbine Conversion

The Ataman AP16 PCP pistol was another airgun that was announced at the 2019 IWA OutdoorClassics show and is now becoming available.

But the AP16 is more than just an air pistol. There’s also an Ataman upgrade kit available which converts the AP16 into a compact carbine!

Ataman AP16 Pistol Now Available With Carbine Conversion

HAM readers first saw this product in this IWA report back in March.

The Ataman AP16 pistol itself is regulated and uses a 7-shot rotary magazine. Muzzle Energy is up to 18.4 Ft/Lbs for the long version,  14.75 Ft/Lbs for the short. And while the AP16 is available in .22 caliber only, there is a number of customer-pleasing configurations available…

There’s a full-length and a compact version of the AP16. The compact model is just under 2 1/2 inches shorter. Power of the short model is the same as the long version. However, you’ll achieve less shots per fill due to the shorter HPA tube.

Here’s the long version…

And here’s the short model.

Ataman AP16 Pistol Now Available With Carbine Conversion

As you can see, the AP16 is also available in three surface finishes. There’s black, Titanium and Desert.

All AP16 models have a sidelever cocking action and are fitted with Lothar Walther barrels. The fill pressure is 4,350PSI, so this really is a pistol that is ideally filled using a small compressor such as the Air Venturi Nomad II.

There are carbine conversion kits available for both full-length and compact guns (these kits are different). Both conversion kits are available in black, red and silver finishes. So there’s plenty of ways to personalize your AP16!

Each carbine conversion kit provides an “exoskeleton” frame that fits around the pistol. At the rear, there’s a folding, AR-type stock. At the front are side and lower picatinny rails, together with a scope-mounting rail running the full length of the frame.


This offers a huge number of possibilities for attaching optics, lights, lasers and other accessories to the – now – AP16 carbine.

Ataman AP16 Compact Air Pistol, Desert 0.22

Ataman P2C Conversion Kit, Compact Red