Ataman AP16 Sport Pistol Now Available

HAM readers first learned about the Ataman AP16 Sport pistol back in 2020. This new PCP air pistol is based on the existing AP16. However. it’s obviously changed in several respects to make it suitable for 10 Meter paper target-punching.

Most obviously, the Ataman AP16 Sport pistol is not magazine-fed. It’s a single-load pistol only. It’s also only available in .177 caliber, as you would expect. The free-floating barrel is from Lothar Walther.

As expected from a precision target pistol, muzzle velocity and power are not high. Only accuracy matters. So the AP16 Sport produces a maximum of just 650 FPS. That’s entirely sufficient for the intended purpose!

Ataman AP16 Sport Pistol

The AP16 Sport includes many features demanded by precision 10 Meter target shooters. These include an adjustable palm shelf on the walnut pistol grip. There’s also a two-way adjustable trigger with a pull weight adjustable from 0 Lbs 7 Oz up to 2 Lbs 2 Oz.

The click-adjustable rear sight provides elevation and windage correction, while the front sight post is also elevation-adjustable.

The lever action is on the left side, while the “T-F” switch on the other side of the breech allows the gun to be used in “Training” mode. In this case, the gun can be shot for practice without discharging. This save using both pellets and High Pressure Air while the shooter is practicing breathing, grip and follow-through.

Overall length of the AP16 Sport is 16.5 Inches and the weight is 2 Lbs 3 Oz.

Power is supplied by High Pressure Air that’s stored in the 60cc capacity, removable cylinder. This fills to a maximum pressure of 4,350 PSI. Yet – surprisingly (at least to us) – the specs give a maximum of just 20 consistent shots per fill.

Like most precision target pistols, the AP16 Sport is not cheap. The Street Price is $1,199.99.

Ataman AP16 Sport Action Air Pistol, Walnut Grip 0.177