Barra 400e Spare Magazines and Bundles Now At Pyramyd Air

There’s a lot of interest in the revolutionary new Barra 400e BB-firing AEG. So it’s good to know that Pyramyd Air is to stock 400e spare magazines for the gun. They are also stocking other accessories and offering a bundle of gun with battery and charger.

Barra 400e Spare Magazines

Each Barra 400e magazine holds up to 50 BBs. Unlike many other mags, it requires to be filled with a BB speed loader. So – not only are you undoubtedly going to want 400e spare magazines – but you’ll probably want to have a spare BB speed loader (or two?) in stock to make sure you can keep on firing. Pyramyd Air has those as well, of course…

If you already have a suitable battery and balanced LiPo charger from previous experience with AEG airsoft guns, or possibly radio-controlled cars, Pyramyd offers you the chance to buy the “bare” gun. (It ships with one magazine and a BB speed loader).

Alternatively, you can choose the combo with battery and charger.

Pyramyd also will be stocking the Barra 11.1v 35C LiPo 2200mAh Battery and Barra B3 Balanced LiPo Charger for the 400e. With AEG guns, it’s important to have the right battery and also the correct charger for it.

The balanced charger ensures that all three cells of the LiPo battery are charged correctly. The charging status is indicated by LED lights on the top of the unit. With an undercharged battery, these glow red. When all the three LEDs show green, the battery is fully-charged.

Then plug the battery into the gun. Simple!

Pyramyd Air is currently showing an availability date of July 13 for the Barra 400e.

HAM is working on a comprehensive test review for the product and hope to have it published very soon. But we have already fired well over 1,000 shots on one charge of the battery. Not having to keep changing CO2 cartridges? Priceless…

Barra 400E BB Rifle 0.177

Barra 400e BB Magazine

Umarex Universal Steel BB Speedloader

Barra 11.1v 35C LiPo 2200mAh Battery

Barra B3 Balanced LiPo Charger