Barra Airguns At The 2024 SHOT Show

Now let’s look at the latest offerings from Barra Airguns at the 2024 SHOT Show!

In our heading photograph above, Jake Wagner of Barra Airguns is showing us a forthcoming new version of the Barra 1100z PCP air rifle. This has an elegant Turkish walnut stock that definitely enhances the look of the gun.

Barra Airguns At The 2024 SHOT Show

As you can see, there some nice checkering, sling swivel stud and an adjustable cheek piece.

The 1100z is another HAM Gold Award-winner for Barra. The new wood stock should add to the popularity of this PCP air rifle. Barra has also made available an Altaros regulator for this gun, together with an installation video that you can see below.

Of course Barra was showcasing their new 1866 CO2 air rifle, as reviewed exclusively in HAM very recently. Also prominent were the Schofield air pistols that – again – received great HAM reviews.

The main new announcement was the forthcoming Barra 250z. This is a PCP air rifle with the HPA tube around the barrel.

Barra Airguns At The 2024 SHOT Show

The magazine-fed Barra 250z is currently in prototype stage, so some changes are to be expected before it becomes available later in 2024.

However, the basics are that it has a bolt action, combined with AR-type pistol grip and buttstock.  There’s an externally-adjustable regulator, too (see the brass screw?) with twin pressure gauges visible in the underside of the stock.

Jake told me that Barra Airguns plans to offer the 250z in .22 and .25 calibers. Muzzle Energy is expected to be in the 34 Ft/Lbs range in .22 caliber, 50 Ft/Lbs in .25 cal.

Barra Airguns At The 2024 SHOT Show

Another new model shown at the SHOT Show was a semi-automatic CO2-powered BB pistol. Jake said that this will have a very strong blowback effect, combined with around 350 FPS Muzzle Velocity.

Again, this new pistol looks very nice. One feature that will definitely be welcomed by many BB pistol shooters is that the new model is planned to have adjustable sights! This really would be a big deal in this market as so many replica pistols have fixed sights.

Again, Barra is differentiating itself by including benefits that will be welcomed by many airgunners, yet are not offered by other manufacturers. (Think about the ready parts availability for the 1100z ans other models!).

This new Barra pistol does not have an official name yet. But look out for it later in the year…