Benjamin .22 Caliber Match Grade Pellets – Exclusive Sneak Peek!

If you have been waiting for the Benjamin .22 Caliber Match Grade Pellets, Hard Air Magazine has an exclusive sneak peek for you!

It’s like this…

I was visiting Velocity Outdoors’ corporate HQ in Bloomfield, New York for a meeting on a different topic and – somehow – I left with a couple of tins of the new pellets!

What I can confirm is that the single die, 14.3 Grain Benjamin .22 Caliber Match Grade Pellets are, indeed, in production and ready for imminent shipping. I heard a date of January 2024 and – judging from what I saw – that looks to be a very achievable timeline.

Benjamin .22 Caliber Match Grade Pellets - Exclusive First Look!

So this is what the new pellets look like.

These Benjamin .22 Caliber Match Grade Pellets are the second in the forthcoming range of high quality, “single die” pellets from the U.S. manufacturer. The development process and thinking has already been described in this previous HAM story.

As you will recall, the initial introduction was in .177 caliber. The results were very good indeed, earning them a prestigious HAM Gold Award on test.

The .22s definitely look good too!

Benjamin .22 Caliber Match Grade Pellets - Exclusive First Look!

In our previous story, we highlighted the company’s efforts to provide batch number information for the discerning customer.

As with the .177s, the new .22 caliber Benjamin Match Grade Single Die Pellets are packed with twelve 400-count tins to a master pack. This means that – if you order 12 tins from the Benjamin Airguns website – you will receive one master pack and that all the pellets will be from the same die.

Should you order 12 tins from another source, you would be dependent on that dealer keeping the master packs whole and shipping a complete one to you.

The Benjamin folks are currently finalizing the way in which the batch number will be displayed. In the sample tins I have, the batch number is printed on a sticker that’s located on the underside of the lid.

Benjamin .22 Caliber Match Grade Pellets - Exclusive First Look!

The same batch number label is also affixed to the master pack, as we can see below.

As you can see, these new pellets carry the Crosman/Benjamin product code of BD22. They’re shipping in 400-count tins and are already listed for pre-order on Pyramyd’s website at a selling price of $19.99 per tin.

Oops! Was I supposed to mention any of this yet???

Benjamin Single Die Pellets .22 Cal, 14.3 Grain, Domed, 400ct 0.22