Benjamin Akela, Cayden And Cratos To Ship In June 2020

Velocity Outdoors has announced that the new Benjamin Akela, Cayden and Kratos PCP air rifles are due to be shipping in June 2020. HAM readers first learned of these new airguns in our report from the 2020 SHOT Show.

These new models are based on a similar basic sidelever action. There are, however, significant differences in configuration as we see from the following table.

ArchitectureTube HPA supplyBullpup, tube HPA supplyBottle HPA supply
HPA capacity280 cc280 cc480 cc
Barrel length20.87 In.18.9 In.18.9 In
Overall length40.76 In.32.9 In.43.35 In.
Weight7.95 Lbs7.71 Lbs8.26 Lbs

All the .22 caliber guns use the same 12-shot magazine. All have a 3,000 PSI fill pressure. The manufacturer claims the obligatory 1,000 FPS for all the .22 caliber models: the power level is given as 32 Ft/Lbs. All have an extrenal power adjustment knob.

Shot count is “up to 60 per fill”.

They all have a 2-stage, non-adjustable trigger. However, the trigger shoe is adjustable vertically and horizontally. The stocks are of Turkish Walnut. There’s a 5-year warranty.

Unusually for PCPs of this price introduced in 2020, these new Benjamin air rifles are not regulated.

Here’s some more details of the individual models…

Benjamin Akela

Benjamin Akela, Cayden And Cratos To Ship In June 2020

There’s a side-mounted pressure gauge and sliding cheekpiece.

Benjamin Akela, Cayden And Cratos To Ship In June 2020

The long Picatinny rail gives flexibility for scope mounting on the Akela.

Benjamin Akela, Cayden And Cratos To Ship In June 2020

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Benjamin Cayden

The Cayden has a removable threaded muzzle brake instead of a shroud.

The pressure gauge is in the underside of the stock and there’s an adjustable cheek piece.

Sling studs are fitted to all models in this new Benjamin range. This is an excellent idea for carrying the gun while hunting in the field.

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Benjamin Kratos

The Kratos is available in .25 caliber with a 10-shot magazine. (12-shot in .22 cal.). Note that the magazines of this new range are not interchangeable with existing Marauder mags.

The large capacity Aluminum HPA bottle is a prominent feature of this model.

All models have a fixed rubber buttpad. There’s a manual safety ahead of the trigger blade.

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Thanks to Phillip Guadalupe, Velocity Outdoors Product Manager, Airguns, for his help in pulling this story together. That’s Phillip in the photographs…