Benjamin Desiccant Kit – An Essential Upgrade For Your Hand Pump

The Benjamin Desiccant Kit is absolutely essential if you are using a Benjamin Hand Pump to fill your PCP airgun with high pressure air!

The purpose of a desiccant is to remove water – in the form of moisture – that’s naturally present in the air. If this moisture is introduced into an airgun at high pressure it can – make that WILL – corrode the internal parts. This corrosion then causes leaks, often requiring an expensive reseal…

There’s a ton of Benjamin Hand Pumps out there being used to fill Marauders, Discoveries and other PCP air rifles. If you are using one you really need to buy the Benjamin Desiccant Kit and install it onto your hand pump.

The Benjamin Dessicant Kit simply screws into the base of a Benjamin hand pump, replacing the sintered air filter. Two packs of silica desiccant granules are included in the kit. Use one pack at a time in the housing.

Benjamin Desiccant Kit - An Essential Upgrade For Your Hand Pump

Because desiccant material loses effectiveness as it absorbs moisture, it should be changed regularly. Typically this would be every 3 – 4 months. However it depends on how much use you make of the pump and the general level of humidity where you live.

So, if you live near the coat in Florida, you will need to change the desiccant more often than if you live in dry Las Vegas, for example.

Fortunately the Desiccant material in the kit helps you with this. When it’s dry it’s white. As it absorbs moisture the color changes to pink. When pink, it’s full of moisture.

The desiccant material can be re-used. It simply requires drying out in an oven! The instructions packed with the kit give you all the information you need.

So using the Benjamin Desiccant Kit to reduce the moisture entering your PCP when hand pumping makes a lot of sense. In the long term it’s a much better alternative than having your PCP air rifle damaged by moisture and needing a reseal!

Benjamin Desiccant Kit - An Essential Upgrade For Your Hand Pump

Benjamin Desiccant Kit for High Pressure Hand Pump