Benjamin Gunnar Now Shipping

HAM readers first heard about the new Benjamin Gunnar back in August 2021. Now it’s shipping and available from Pyramyd Air!

The Gunnar is the latest PCP air rifle from Benjamin. In line with more and more new PCPs, there’s no .177 caliber version available. It comes in .22 and .25 calibers only.

Why? Well the sales of .177 caliber PCPs sold in the USA are now very small: everyone’s moving to the larger calibers, except for Field Target specialists.

Benjamin Gunnar Now Shipping

Maximum Muzzle Energy for the Gunnar is specified as 50 Ft/Lbs for the .25 caliber model. It’s 32 Ft/Lbs for the .22 cal gun. This makes the Gunnar suitable for small game and varmint hunting, pest control and long-range target shooting.

So where did the name “Gunnar” originate? Velocity Outdoor Senior Product Manager, Phillip Guadalupe explained that it means warrior in Old Norse. Wow, who knew?

Phillip continued: “We are very excited to get this air rifle out to hunters and shooters. The Gunnar is packed with the ambitious performance expectations Benjamin loyalists trust. You can adjust the Gunnar to suit your shooting style and really make it yours,” he said.

PS. That cool dude in the photographs is Phillip himself. That’s typical fine Summer weather here in Rochester, New York. Well, something like it 😉

Benjamin Gunnar Now Shipping

The Gunnar is supplied with a large 500cc HPA bottle that fills to 3,000 PSI. HAM understands that this will provide around 90 consistent shots per fill in 22 caliber. Make that around 70 shots in .25 cal.

However, shot count will – of course – vary depending on how you have the Gunnar’s adjustable regulator set. This can be varied between 1,450 PSI and 2,175 PSI. In conjunction with the five-position external power adjuster, this gives a large potential range of power levels and shot counts.

The trigger delivers a pull weight of around 3 Lbs and has an adjustable shoe. Cocking is undertaken using a sidelever on the right side and the rotary magazines hold 12 rounds in .22 caliber; 10 shots in .25 caliber.

Both the pistol grip and buttstock are AR-compatible and there’s a 4-way adjustable cheekpiece. Scope mounting is facilitated by the Picatinny rail atop the breech. There’s two more Picatinny rails on the underside of the gun, too, for the attachment of bipods and other accessories.

The Benjamin Gunnar is supplied with a hard synthetic case for protection both in shipment to you and for use in the field.

There’s also a 5-year limited warranty with backup from the Velocity Outdoor team in upstate New York.

Benjamin Gunnar PCP Air Rifle 0.25