Big Bore And More At Extreme Benchrest 2022

Part of the fun and interest of Extreme Benchrest is the range of other shooting disciplines in addition to the headline Benchrest competition. This includes big bore shooting and more…

The Action Armour Steel Scramble is one such competition, but another is the big bore rifle shoot.

Below. Claudio Flores from Chile – 2018 Extreme Benchrest winner – looks very happy when shooting an American Air Arms Slayer.


While below we see Troy Hammer from Umarex shooting an – er – Umarex Hammer .50 caliber big bore.


To participate in the EBR big bore competition, a minimum Muzzle Energy of 200 Ft/Lbs is required. Cast bullets and solid slugs are required and while tethered tanks are not allowed, the gun can be refilled with HPA as many times as necessary during the shoot.

Meanwhile Scott Hull prepares for the recoil!


 Big bore shooting is fun, too…


Below, that’s Tom Costan – the owner of American Air Arms also was competing using his own products – of course!


Targets are set out at distances from 35 to 300 Yards. Close targets are ranged between 35-200 Yards. The far targets are somewhere between 100 and 300 Yards.

There are five stations, each station with a required shooting position. For example, forced shooting with shooting sticks, prone, off-hand, and Benchrest.

And, of course, with big bore shooting, there’s always the need for lots of air…


In this competition, shooters have a total of 20 shots. Each close target is worth 5 points per hit. Far targets are score at 10 points per hit.

Another discipline is the 50 Yard Benchrest. This is quite a specialist discipline that allows air rifles of up to .22 caliber. In fact, our heading photograph at the top shows John Solpietro from Velocity Outdoor having a great time shooting his Benjamin Armada on the 50 Yard range.

Below. Tom Adams, the 2022 Extreme Benchrest winner was also shooting well at 50 Yards with his trusty Daystate Red Wolf.


Below. Soren Drost from Denmark looked happy at his first Extreme Benchrest. AS you can see, he’s also shooting a Red Wolf.


Another familiar face on the 50 Yard line was Francisco Eizayaga from Spain, shooting an RTI Prophet. Francisco was the 50 Yard Benchrest winner at EBR in 2022, so he’s clearly keen to repeat that performance this year.


Now the competition moves seriously towards the 75 Yard Extreme Benchrest with the 100 Yard finals.