British-Manufactured Wildman Slugs Now Available At Pyramyd Air

Among the ever-growing variety of airgun ammo that’s available in the US, British-manufactured Wildman Slugs are now available at Pyramyd Air.

Wildman Slugs are manufactured in Yorkshire, in the North of England. The company is run by a husband-and-wife team (Liam and Jessica Craven) and their slugs have been distributed in the UK through Highland Outdoors since November 2021.

Now Pyramyd Air is bringing them to the US market in calibers from .177 to .30 cal.

Wildman slugs are hand-swaged slugs that are manufactured from 99.9% premium quality lead. They have a hollow-point configuration and are available in both dish-based and flat-based versions.

British-Manufactured Wildman Slugs Now Available At Pyramyd Air

Pyramyd Air is carrying three versions in .177 caliber, no less than seven versions in .22 cal, three in .25 caliber and four in .30 cal.

In .177 caliber, the weights available are 18, 19.5 and 21 Grains. These are pretty serious weights for the caliber and clearly require a powerful PCP to shoot them.

In line with market demand, the largest variety is available in .22 caliber. Weights vary between 21 and 37 Grains in this caliber and Wildman gives the following Ballistic Coefficients for these, calculated at an average Muzzle Velocity of 960 FPS.

WeightBallistic Coefficient
21 Grains0.089
23 Grains0.091
25 Grains0.096
27 Grains0.098
30 Grains0.106
34 Grains0.019
37 GrainsN/a

Three weights are available in .25 caliber. The 30 Grain slugs have a BC of 0.094 (again at 960 FPS). For the 34 Grainers, it’s 0.097. There’s also 39 Grain slugs available in this caliber.

Once we get to .30 caliber, the slugs weigh from 50 to 60 Grains. In this caliber, the 50 Grainers have a BC (again at 960 FPS) of 0.166. At 53 Grains, it’s 0.123 and 1t 57 Grains, 0.125. The Heavyweight 60 grain slugs give a BC of 0.130, Wildman says.

Don’t forget to read HAM’s Big Slugs Test when thinking about Ballistic Coefficient values.

Wildman Hollowpoint Slugs .22 cal, 25 gr, Dish Base, 100ct 0.22