But Wait There’s More! Giles’ IWA 2019 Video

Giles’ 2019 IWA video brings you more great stuff from this outstanding show!

HAM Publisher Stephen Archer spent every possible hour at the IWA show. He walked a total of 21.4 miles in four days to bring you reports on 37 different companies and products.

But it’s just impossible for one person to see all of the new airgun products at this show.

Fortunately, Giles plays back-up with this video. Although there is some overlap with Stephen’s reports, Giles does cover three additional airgun companies. Snowpeak, Zbroia and Taipan airguns.

Thanks Giles!

So, check-out Giles’ IWA 2019 video review for details of these companies, plus his own inimitable view on the show.

Then that really is “it” from the IWA Outdoor Classics show 2019. Well, probably. As we’ve said before, there’s so much news at the show that it’s difficult to be completely sure…