Central Ohio Airgunners Field Target Match July 14, 2019

The Central Ohio Airgunners hosted a Field Target Match at the Columbus Muzzleloaders Club on July 14, 2019. This report is from a competitor who wanted to share impressions of the event…

It was a beautiful sunny day. The course was shaded and comfortable.

There was a good turn out with a field of 27 shooters. The south facing field was set up for a sixty-shot match by Eric Jones and his crew.

I recorded the range for my shots and then later compared them to the actual yardage. I’m still learning…

Something I like about these matches is that it is not all about winning!

One of the principles of the match is to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and supportive. Other shooters are willing to help each other, especially newcomers. I get new ideas for refining my shooting processes at every match. Nice folks, these airgunners…

The Central Ohio Airgunners Field Target Match was well hosted. Set up was complete by the time we arrived a 9:30. The process flowed easily with a brief safety meeting and assignment of lanes.

The match began and the targets worked flawlessly. There was not a single cold line called! This was a very swell managed event. Everything went very smoothly.

Central Ohio Airgunners provided some tasty sliders for lunch complete with fabulous airgun related prizes. Thanks to the COA for the effort it took to host this event. Well done. All in all, it was a fun day at the shooting range!

Here is a unofficial summary of the results…

Mike Clark scored an impressive 54 to top the Hunter PCP Class. Roger Barker scored 47 in Open Class and Dan Puts had the top score in Spring Piston. Hero of the day had to be Vince Alessi who scored 42 in Spring Piston. Way to go Vince!

Hunter PCP:
M Clark 54
J Little 50
D Johnson 49
D Cunningham 48
J Swartz 47
D Reed 47
C Meyer 46
D Baker 46
J Tricomi 43
D Jelinek 43
R Smelko 40
K Putz 39
N Putz 38
T West 37
A McCall 35
S Keenan 34
D Campbell 34
J Francis 30
B Duncan 30
J Korting 30
R Hendricks 25
C Weikel 22
P Weikel HPCP 20
D. Reither HPCP 18

R Barker 47

D Putz 49
V Alessi 42