Chiappa Charging Rhino CO2 Pistol Now Available At Pyramyd Air

HAM readers first learned about the forthcoming Chiappa Charging Rhino 50 DS CO2 pistol in our report back in May. Now the first models are in stock at Pyramyd Air.

One is the basically black-finished Charging Rhino (above), with contrasting nickel highlights. The other is the Rhino Limited Edition with a basically nickel finish and black highlights (below).

Chiappa Charging Rhino CO2 Pistol Now Available At Pyramyd Air

Both these models are produced by Chiappa as airgun versions of their .357 Magnum centerfire firearm. They hold 6 shots, with BBs (and probably also .177 caliber pellets) being loaded into individual  “cartridges” before loading.

The unusual styling exactly matches that of the centerfire Rhino. Barrel length is 5-Inches and the overall length 9 1/2-Inches. Weight is 2.5 Lbs. The guns are supplied in a stylish synthetic carrying case.

Fiber optic sights are fitted. The rear sights are adjustable for windage and elevation – that’s far from usual on CO2-powered firearms-replica air pistols!

Like the centerfire models, the Rhino CO2 revolver combines a “low level” barrel location with a high ventilated rib. Chiappa says that the barrel position is intended to reduce muzzle flip in the hard-recoiling 357 Magnum centerfire version. There’s also an under-barrel Picatinny rail, suitable for mounting a laser or flashlight.

As we can see from the photograph above, the cylinder is not circular. Instead, it’s hexagonal (6-sided) in shape. Again, this matches the design of the firearm original.

Muzzle Velocity of the Chiappa Charging Rhino 50 DS CO2 pistol is listed as being 328 FPS with BBs. The Limited Edition has the same specs.

At prices closer to $200 than the $100+ common for CO2 replica air pistols, these new Chiappa Rhinos are clearly playing at the premium end of the market. They’re certainly an interesting-looking pistol that would be an ideal training tool for a user of the Rhino firearm, or just as a fun plinker.

More versions will be on their way in the near future…

Chiappa Charging Rhino 50DS .177 CO2 BB Revolver 0.177

Chiappa Rhino 50DS Limited Edition .177 CO2 BB Revolver 0.177